Is Parquet Flooring Still in Style?

parquet flooring

Explore the Look of Parquet Flooring

And learn why it’s still a great choice for home improvement.

When you hear the words parquet flooring, you probably think of an outdated basement rec room. But the truth is that parquet flooring is not a style from the past, it is a practical flooring solution for today and tomorrow. Not only does this style look great in any decorating scheme, but it also offers some distinct advantages over other flooring options. Discover why parquet flooring is still a great choice, and keep it in mind as you explore your home improvement options.

Offers a Unique Style

Due to the way that parquet flooring is manufactured and installed, no two floors are completely alike. Each one has a look that is entirely its own.

Plus, parquet flooring is available in a wide range of colors and wood grain options, making it easy to match your new flooring to your decorating and enhance the overall character of your home. Tweet This

Easy to Clean

The style is important, but you also want something that is practical and doesn’t make it harder to keep your home looking great. All parquet flooring options are easy to clean and require nothing more than a broom and a mop. You don’t need any special products to renew the shine and luster of the finish, and it’s almost impossible to stain this kind of flooring.

Lasts for Years

parquetTime has shown that parquet flooring never goes out of style. That’s exciting because this is one of the most durable flooring materials available. It rarely scratches, and the kinds of everyday usage that cause other types of flooring to show their age don’t affect parquet flooring nearly as much. Choose to upgrade to parquet flooring today, and you won’t need to worry about your floors for years or decades to come.

Easy to Resurface

One of the reasons that parquet flooring has remained in style is because it’s so easy to resurface the floors. All flooring materials begin to show wear and tear over time, and household accidents are just inevitable. When your parquet floors need to be resurfaced, the process is quick, easy, and affordable, and makes your floors look like new all over again. Resurfacing is an easy way to update your home on demand.


The style is important, but great looking floors that aggravate your allergies simply aren’t worth it. Parquet floors are known for being non-allergenic, and thanks to their unique construction it’s impossible for dirt, dust, and other allergens to build up in cracks and crevices. This is not the case with rugs, carpets, and some other hardwood flooring options.

Find Stylish Parquet Floors at Just Around the Corner

Are parquet floors the right option for your home? Find out by visiting Just Around the Corner and browsing our huge selection. Once you see how many options you really have, there will be no doubt that parquet floors will look great in any room in your home. Contact us if you have any questions.

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