• Can my wood floors be re-finished?
If they are solid wood or have a “wear layer” of 1/8″ or more the answer is yes. We can make them look new, change the color and put a gloss, semi-gloss or satin shine on them.

  • How do I take care of my floors?
Sweep/dust mop/vacuum (without beater bar) regularly. Damp mop with a micro fiber swivel mop, plain water and/or a urethane floor cleaner. Make sure the cleaner does not leave any film on your floor. You can test it on a window first. Excessive moisture and gritty dirt are the worst enemies.

  • For a sand and finish, will there be a big mess?
As with any construction job there is dust, however, we take great measures to contain the mess and clean up fairly well. You can expect to have to perform a final clean up or we can arrange to have that done for you.

  • Is there a bad odor?
With oil-based stains and urethanes there is an offensive odor. While it is not health threatening, it is not pleasant. Some home owners choose to stay in the home while work is performed, and do so quite regularly. We are able to use water-based urethane upon request for less odor and faster drying time.

  • How will it hold up with my dogs?
The finish holds up very well, but the wood will dent under the pressure of dogs nails. The scratches in wood floors are most often indentations into the wood. Thus, the harder the wood density, the better chance of avoiding scratches.

  • How do we choose a stain color?
We will put color samples onto your floor the day we begin your sanding process. It’s important to see a color over several boards because they color differently, and on your floor because the species and age of the floor affects the coloration.

  • When can we walk on the floor?
Typically the day after we are finished with the final coating. Manufacturers say 24 to 48 hours. The only specific recommendation is that no rugs should be placed on the wood floor for 30 days after the final coating.

  • Can I use my steamer on my wood floor?
While we hold to the premise that water is woods worst enemy, we have observed many instances where steamers have been used successfully.

  • What is the difference between a pre-finished and job site finished wood floor?
All pre-finished floors have beveled edges which create small grooves between each board. Job site finished floors are square edged and sanded perfectly level and flat. That is the biggest difference.

  • How long before the floors need to be re-finished?
We shoot for 20 plus years before having to do a complete sanding and finishing. Although, we have seen the need for a re-finish much sooner. With regular maintenance cleaning and a periodic re-coating of urethane (5 to 10 years) they last an indefinite amount of time.