Design consultation


Why use a design consultation service?

Choosing the perfect floor covering for your home can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have a great many requirements. The good news is a professional design consultation service can make this process so much simpler. When you are ready to embark on your remodeling adventure, be sure to consider the following information to see if you might benefit from our services before you even get started.

A design consultation is so much more than you might think

A design consultation is much more than an associate who answers all your questions about flooring and services. While we can certainly do that, our professional design consultation service walks you through every aspect, from start to finish, for the result you want and need. Even if you have no idea what floor covering will work for your home, we can still finish strong with just a few essential pieces of information. If you have yet to pick a floor covering, we will get to know your needs and make suggestions. We will help you consider traffic, décor, space requirements, and more, with options that can cover more than one need simultaneously, if necessary. Since your budget is a crucial factor, we will be careful to suggest products and services that stay within your budget without compromising the integrity of your materials. A good consultation does not stop there, though. We continue to work with you to set up a professional installation, ensuring you always know where we are in the process. Be sure to visit us today to find out even more about what this service can do for you.



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Just Around the Corner Flooring is a reputable flooring store that genuinely cares about our clients, their needs, and the results they expect from working with us. We provide floor coverings, services, and consultation that comes together to create your dream spaces with as little hassle as possible. Just let us know what you are looking to accomplish, and we will work alongside you from start to finish on your remodeling project.

From our St. Louis, MO showroom, we proudly serve residents from St. Louis, MO, University City, MO, Richmond Heights, MO, Jennings, MO, and East St. Louis, IL, and we look forward to serving your flooring needs as well. Be sure to visit us when you are in the area for materials, design consultation services, and the attention to detail that will serve you best. Visit our flooring store today to find all your needs together in one place.