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Facts for you about hardwood refinishing

When you have hardwood flooring, you will undoubtedly make use of the refinishing service at some point, especially if your home is active and busy. The refinishing process goes a long way to help maintain the expected lifespan of your flooring, keeping the materials looking newer longer. If you need more information about the process, read along here for some critical facts.

Hardwood flooring should be refinished from time to time

You may have noticed that your hardwood floors do not shine like they used to or may have scuffs, scratches, or dents from excessive foot traffic and activity. When these things start to become highly noticeable, then it is time to consider refinishing your floors. This process not only removes years of wear and abuse but also gives you a floor that looks almost like new again.

The service will begin by sanding off the damaged layers to create a fresh new layer to which new stain color, sealant, and finish can be applied. You can choose the same color you had or pick a new one to reflect changing trends or a new décor purchase. A different finish can be added as well, for both appearance and protection.

Many homeowners choose the mirror-like reflection of a high gloss finish, but in your busy home, another style might be more suited to your needs. Consider hand-scraped, wire-brushed, or distressed options, which not only give you a unique appearance to match your surroundings but also provide added protection against daily wear. These finishes hide minor damage such as scrapes, scratches, water spots, and dings, leaving you with floors that look better overtime.



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