Vinyl flooring from Just Around the Corner Flooring

Your flooring choice should reflect your style, but also your lifestyle. Rowdy children, excited dogs, dirty shoes, party hosting, sports equipment — all of these things need flooring that can handle what your lifestyle throws at it. That’s where Vinyl flooring comes in.

Vinyl flooring is perfect for your high traffic areas like living rooms, halls, or entryways. It’s unbeatable for moisture prone rooms like your bathrooms or kitchen. It can be put anywhere and is the best choice for rooms that need durable flooring like dens, Basements, Man Caves, or the whole house depending on your family!

If you’re looking for vinyl floors in St. Louis, let the experts at Just Around the Corner know. We carry Mannington and Armstrong vinyl flooring, along with a host of other brands.

Advantages of vinyl flooring


  • It’s very hygienic. Being extremely water resistant, and having very few seams (and we seal these seams), there is practically no where for bacteria or allergies to hide and grow. This is a relief for those with asthma and allergies.
  • It’s very easy to clean and you can use disinfectants and sanitizing chemicals without hurting them.
  • Being resistant to water, it’s also very resistant to stains.
  • It also won’t swell if moistened like hardwood can.
  • It won’t chip like tile can.
  • It’s rubbery composition deadens noise throughout the house so it is much quieter than other types of flooring.
  • For that same reason, it acts as an extra layer of insulation, helping with energy bills during extreme highs and lows in the weather.
  • It is also resilient, which means it gives just a bit when you walk on it, creating a softer feeling underfoot and making it comfortable to stand on.
  • It can be installed over other types of flooring or uneven subfloors with no problem.
  • Unlike linoleum, natural stone or hardwood; vinyl will keep its shine without waxing or refinishing.

Another huge perk of choosing Just Around the Corner to put vinyl flooring in your St Louis area home is the incredible amount of options that you’ll when you are designing your flooring. We have vinyl flooring in about any color or pattern you can think up.

Do you want to checker a few solid colors? That’s easy. Do you want vinyl that mimics the look and feel of hardwood, natural stone, or tile? We have you covered. Give us your vision and we show you the vinyl you need.

Everything you need to select the vinyl flooring that suits your decor and your lifestyle, from design advice to professional installation is available at Just Around the Corner. We offer sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, and most importantly, luxury vinyl.

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Luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

If you want to give your home the look and feel of hardwood or stone tile and at a lower price, luxury vinyl flooring by Just Around the Corner in St. Louis is what you need. The quality you get from LVT, combined with its durability, has made this flooring type one of the fastest growing on the market.

Luxury vinyl tile comes in individual planks that look like planks of hardwood. Once down, each piece is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing down to the grain variations and realistic edges of the wood.

It also comes in tiles and grout strips for the same look and feel of tile. Recreate the elegance of real ceramic, quartz, travertine stone, slate, and marble in your home.

All this and you don’t have to worry about water damage or chipping like you would with the real thing. Great for any room, luxury vinyl is often seen in kitchens, basements and commercial establishments. Why not put it in your Home next?

Contact us for a free estimate to see if it’s right for you.