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Stone is one of the oldest types of flooring, but it remains popular even today in all kinds of homes. That’s because stone has an unmistakable look and feel, is poised to last longer than the home itself, and serves as a bold design feature anywhere it’s used. Stone floors may not be appropriate in every room in the home, but in the spaces where stone is it offers a lot more than hardwood, carpet, and even tile.

What are stone floors?

Stone floors come in a number of styles. Some are quite literally made of bulbous stones that are carefully grouped and arranged on the floor and then held together with mortar. More common these days are floors made from stone tiles. These materials are a lot easier to work with and don’t leave gaps between the stone segments. The most common types of stone used in tiling include granite, marble, limestone, quartzite, and travertine.

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What are the benefits of stone floors?

The benefit that draws most people to stone floors is the look. Stone arranges warm, natural colors in organic and unpredictable designs that are unique to every single stone. While they may share features, there are not two stone floors that are identical to each other. And since the look of the floors has the potential to be so dynamic, they become a powerful focal point in any space. Stone floors have a reputation for being hard and cold. By simply laying down an area rug you can create a comfortable space for bare feet while doing more to complement your decorating scheme. And since stone is such a hard surface, it is very difficult to damage, scratch, or stain. Expect your stone floors to look like new for years, even decades. Last but certainly not least, stone floors are easy to clean. A quick sweep and mop will restore a bright sheen, and the floors will not harbor allergens. You also don’t need to worry when something spills or muddy shoes walk through the home since stone are naturally stain resistant.

Where can I use stone flooring?

Stone has been used to great effect in every part of the home, but there are a few spaces where it is a natural fit. The kitchen and the bathroom both get water on the floor, which is never a worry with stone. These space also use a lot of ceramic and tile, which is a natural complement to stone. People may want to avoid using stone in the bedroom, or in places where kids play on the floor.
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Just Around the Corner is your stone supplier

Keep in mind that the quality of stone floors varies widely. In order to get the best products at the best prices, work with a supplier that knows stone well and understands what modern homeowners are looking for in a new floor. The team at Just Around the Corner is here to provide you with expert information and all the assistance you need to fully complete your next flooring project. Take advantage of all that we have to offer.