How different flooring types transition

How different flooring types transition

When shopping for new floors, most don't pay attention to transitions. But we should.

While it would be nice to use the same flooring type throughout the house, it wouldn't be practical. After all, rooms have different uses.

Sooner or later, two floorings will meet, such as carpet and tile. So, naturally, you want to make that transition as graceful as possible.

That's usually with a transition strip. So here's some information on them, but, as always, discuss this in detail with our flooring professionals.

What is a transition strip?

It’s crucial to describe your transition needs to the experts at our flooring company. Transitions are thin wood or aluminum strips that you’ll see where one flooring ends and the other begins. Some can even be ornamental!

There are particular transitions on the market, such as carpet-to-tile, tile to laminate; tile to vinyl; wood to wood, etc.

Three major purposes

Transition strips have both an aesthetic and functional purpose. Transitions create:

1. Visual appeal: They cover gaps to make new floors appear seamless. They can also make colors and textures seem more cohesive by creating a visual break.

2. Safety: Say you have a low pile rug meeting some thick tile. That creates a small but treacherous gap that can cause tripping. Think of transition strips as little ramps!

3. Durability: Carpet edges fray, and some floors will expand, contract–and then crack when they meet up with another flooring type–unless there's a transition strip.

Occasionally, you might be able to get away without a transition, but our flooring store will require colors and patterns that harmonize; the floors are the same thickness, and the edges don't need protection.

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