5 great bedroom flooring options

Exploring your bedroom flooring options
Five exciting choices to add style and comfort

The bedroom is more than just the place that you sleep. It’s also the place where you end your day, begin your morning, and retreat to when you need to relax. That’s why comfort matters more than anything else. If you are thinking of replacing the floor in your bedroom, you have lots of options. Explore the most common below as you begin to plan your redecoration project.

It just makes sense that you would want to go from the softness of a bed to the softness of carpet. The plush feel and year-round warmth of carpet make this an ideal choice for all kinds of bedroom designs.

Today’s carpet comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns and is available with a range of textures. The only drawback is that carpet can be more difficult to maintain than other bedroom flooring options.

Hardwood may not be as immediately comfortable as carpet, but it does give the bedroom a natural, cozy feeling that is immediately relaxing. Plus, when compared to vinyl or stone options, hardwood is softer and better insulated.

Many people decide to pair hardwood with rugs or other floor coverings. Just be sure to work a qualified hardwood flooring installer to avoid annoying squeaks and creaks that can disturb a sleeping partner.

Cork flooring has exploded in popularity in recent years, particularly as a material for bedroom flooring.

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Better still, with some simple maintenance, cork is long-lasting and largely immune to stains.  The only thing to be concerned about is that cork is a very soft material that can easily scratch under animal claws or furniture legs.  Want bedroom flooring ideas? Click here!

Vinyl flooring isn’t just for the kitchen. It’s becoming one of the more common bedroom flooring options because it delivers remarkable versatility. It is available in a near limitless range of looks, and when combined with underlayment padding it provides the softness and insulation of carpet.

Better still, vinyl is very easy to take care of, especially in areas like the bedroom that have low foot traffic. Some homeowners, however, object to the fact that vinyl is a non-sustainable material with a heavy environmental impact.

Laminate flooring is popular as a low-cost alternative to more expensive materials like hardwood. The look is remarkably similar, but laminate is available at a fraction of the cost and much easier to install. When combined with underlayment padding options, laminate flooring can also be surprisingly comfortable. Be aware, the low-cost of the laminate is offset by its relatively short lifespan.

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