Armstrong vs. Mannington: Pros and Cons

armstrong vs. mannington

Armstrong vs. Mannington – Which is the Best Brand for Your New Floor?

Discover the pros and cons of two leading brands

Armstrong and Mannington are two of the biggest and most popular producers of flooring in the country. And while both of them are great choices when you want to upgrade the floors in your home or business, you will ultimately need to choose one over the other. In order to help you make the best choice for your needs, tastes, and budget, we have put together this list of pros and cons of Armstrong vs. Mannington.

Armstrong Flooring


Variety: Armstrong is known for making hardwood floors, but they also produce laminate, vinyl, and linoleum. And in addition to floors made under their own name, they sell products under the Bruce and Robbins labels as well. That means you can count on finding the right flooring for your space no matter what your needs may be.

Popularity: Armstrong produces over 40% of the floors sold and installed in America. It is hard to argue with that success. There are a lot of choices on the market, but Armstrong floors clearly deliver what today’s home and business owners are looking for.


Price: Armstrong does sell affordable flooring options, particularly under their Bruce line, but some of their more specialized options are quite expensive. If you find an option you fall in love with, you might end up spending more than your renovation budget allows.

Mannington Flooring


armstrong vs. manningtonOption: In the debate over Armstrong vs. Mannington they really do come to a tie in terms of options. Mannington, like Armstrong, makes flooring products in just about every category and at a wide variety of price points.

Quality: Mannington has a reputation for making quality flooring products that are built to stand the test of time. If you want a new floor that will look great for decades to come, count on Mannington to get the job done.


Availability: Mannington flooring products are largely sold through specialized flooring stores, meaning that you might not be able to find the particular product you’re looking for depending on where you go shopping.

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