Why We Suggest Hardwood Flooring Over Carpet

Why Hardwood Floors Over CarpetHardwood floors offer a timeless natural beauty that brings back warm memories for many people who grew up in homes with wood floors. Increasing, more homeowners have made the move to install hardwood flooring instead of carpet in their hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and other high traffic areas. Hardwood floors engender a wonderful warm feeling, make homes more attractive and increase the value.

Making this decision about the type of flooring in your home is very important and one of biggest you’ll ever make as a homeowner. Not only does your choice of flooring come down to comfort, price and sustainability, but also design, style and practicality. Flooring can be the backdrop to underscore your décor or it can steal the show as the main attraction. Wood flooring can fill all categories.

It helps to have some essential information about hardwood flooring to help clarify your options.

Hardwood Floors Increase Home’s Resale Value

After prospective buyers get their initial impression of a home’s “curb appeal,” the next component of a home that has the most visual impact is the floors. Buyers immediately notice whether a floor has carpet or beautiful hardwood before they direct their attention to other building components.

Hardwood floors have become a standard requirement for many home buyers. These buyers usually have busy lifestyles no interest in a lot of work when they move in.

When it comes to the return on investment, kitchen makeovers, bathrooms renovations and master bedroom updates usually rate at the top of the list at the resale time. However, hardwood floors can easily be added to the list.

Nice hardwood floors help homes sell quickly and for a higher price.

Wood Flooring Types, Trends, and Colors

The most common widths for hardwood flooring come in dimensions of between 2 1/4-inch to 3 1/4-inch boards. Trends include domestic hardwoods like oak, hickory and maple in many colors as well as many exotic kinds of wood from all over the globe. These materials come prefinished from the factory or can be finished on site in your home.

If you decided to install hardwood instead of carpet, one of the latest trends involves “hand-scraped hardwoods,” which gives the floor a gently worn appearance that helps to hide wear and tear marks that are inevitable in our busy households. Hand-scraped floors are pet friendly and family friendly.

The same stain colors that were popular decades ago—natural, walnut, gunstock and golden oak—remain bestselling choices.

Benefits of Wood Floors

Many homes have hardwood floors throughout the downstairs areas. They lend to every décor. Solid wood floors can be refinished up to eight times. The color and sheen can change at random, and they should outlast your house.

Carpet wears out, especially in high traffic areas. Spills and stains eventually require you to have carpeting professionally cleaned or eventually replaced. Pet hairs and other allergens can lead to interior air quality issues.

Some advantages of hardwood include:

  • Requires a one-time installation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Excellent for homes with kids and pets

Hardwood floor over carpet adds style, value, high ROI and better overall value.

Cost and Care of Wood Floors

When compared to carpet, the overall cost of hardwood flooring—installation and maintenance, presents an affordable choice. Hardwood is also a sustainable and renewable material that can be wiped clean, vacuumed or mopped for easy care.

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