Mohawk’s Triexta Carpet Fiber: The Miracle Flooring Solution

triexta carpet fiber

What is Triexta Carpet Fiber?

First, let’s dig into what Triexta carpet fiber is and why it’s superior to other carpet fibers on the market. Triexta is the latest and greatest fiber in the carpet industry, and if you’re out shopping for a new floor, chances are you have or will be hearing about it.

There are plethora of reasons why Triexta is superior to other carpet fibers, like nylon and polyester:

  • Softness: Triexta is much softer than both nylon and polyester, largely because it doesn’t have topically-applied stain protection chemicals.
  • Stain Resistance: Triexta carpet fiber can easily wash out stains simply with hot water and a vacuum.
  • Eco-friendliness: Triexta is often available as an eco-friendly carpet option and is beneficial to those with asthma and allergies.
  • Cost: The cost to produce Triexta material is lower than that of nylon, making it a competitively-priced option.

All in all, Triexta stands above the rest in terms of durability, value and eco-friendliness. And while it’s certainly not recommended, you can even spill bleach on it without imposing permanent damage (as long as you clean up the mess)!

Nylon Carpet vs. Mohawk SmartStrand Triexta Carpet Fiber

To prove how durable it is, Mohawk took its Triexta brand, called SmartStrand, and launched the “SmartStrand Challenge.” This challenge consisted of Mohawk’s flagship Triexta fiber brand and installing it in a rhino enclosure for two weeks. Shockingly, after a quick steam clean the carpet returned to its original appearance.

But that was only the first phase of the challenge. Mohawk then installed its Triexta carpet fiber in the elephant and rhino habitats at the Dallas Zoo. What happened? They wound up with the same result.

Tweet QuoteNaturally, the idea was that if SmartStrand can withstand foot traffic from six 7500-pound elephants, then it can easily withstand a busy household with everyday foot traffic.

Unlike other fibers on the market, Mohawk Triexta fiber is the only carpet option with permanent, built-in stain resistance, unlike nylon, which requires topical stain treatment.

One reason to choose Mohawk’s Triexta carpet fiber option is its generous warranty coverage. An entry-level product in the SmartStrand collection delivers a retention warranty of 25 years – not to mention, a lifetime stain warranty.

In comparison, a nylon carpet of equal value generally offers a retention and stain warranty of about ten years. The warranty in itself shows the durability benefits of Triexta over nylon.

So Why Choose Mohawk’s Triexta Carpet Fiber?

  • It’s more eco-friendly than other carpet products.
  • It has exceptional stain resistance.
  • It delivers proven durability and time-tested quality.
  • Its original appearance can last for years if maintained properly.

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