Compare the Best Hardwood Flooring Brands

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What are the Best Hardwood Flooring Brands?

And which one is right for you?

Now is a very good time to be considering hardwood flooring because the industry is filled with exciting options. Compare a few of the best hardwood flooring brands before you start your home upgrade, and know that you are investing in a product that will look outstanding for years to come.


Armstrong makes hardwood flooring under their own name, and also under the name Bruce.  Both are great products, but there are some important differences between the two.  Bruce is known for making affordably-priced hardwood floors that are especially easy to install and maintain.

Armstrong, by contrast, is considered to be more of a high-end brand, utilizing premium materials and offering a variety of specialty options.  Just going by sales volume alone it’s easy to conclude that Armstrong and Bruce are a pair of the best hardwood flooring brands on the market.


Mannington is considered a specialty brand that has done a lot to revolutionize the flooring industry generally and hardwood flooring specifically. Customers turn to this brand when they have specialized flooring needs, and more often than not Mannington has something unique to offer. They are an especially great choice for home owners with radiant heat flooring.


All Somerset products are made from 100% Appalachian timber, and the wood has been certified by NHLA wood graders.  It is that total commitment to quality that makes this one of the best hardwood flooring brands.  Since they only use the best quality materials, Somerset floors have a reputation for longevity.


Sustainability is a real concern when evaluating hardwood floors.  Tweet This

EcoDomo does more than most to ensure that all their floors have a minimal impact on the environment.  They offer a wide range of cork flooring which is an abundant material that replenishes quickly.  Don’t imagine a wine cork, though.  EcoDomo cork floors come in a variety of styles and colors and are finished with a material that makes them 15 times stronger than other cork floors.


Mirage is a premium brand featured in upscale homes throughout the country. They use top-quality materials, have an unwavering commitment to construction quality, and offer an inventory that compliments any existing design.

Just Around the Corner Carries the Best Hardwood Flooring Brands

You can find all of these brands and a whole lot more from Just Around the Corner, a top supplier of flooring materials in the St. Louis area.  If you are ready to totally change the way your home looks by making an upgrade to your flooring, contact one of our representatives today.

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