How To Choose Carpet For Your Home

Many homeowners prefer carpet because it provides a comfortable and stylish choice. This flooring muffles sounds insulates from the cold and comes in a wide range of colors. With so many different materials and styles available, this flooring option complements nearly any décor.

It can be somewhat overwhelming to choose a type that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget.The following information about fibers, piles and colors can help you make an informed decision.

Different carpet fibers optionsCarpet Installation in Home

Fiber refers to the material itself—wool, nylon, Olefin and polyester. Single fibers are spun together to create two, three or four-ply yarn that is attached to a woven backing.

Wool – fibers provide a deep, rich appearance and feel. The tightly packed fibers offer excellent resiliency and durability.

Nylon – This is the most common and durable synthetic fiber—a good choice for areas with heavy foot traffic. It is easy to clean and maintain and is highly resistant to mildew and is non-allergenic.

Olefin – Many property owners use Olefin on the inside and outside due to its durability. It is resistance to moisture, mildew, and water damage, staining, pilling and shedding.

Polyester– Although polyester is very stain resistant, it is less durable than nylon. The material is also prone to pilling and shedding. Available in a wide selection of colors, polyester is non-allergenic, repels moisture, resists mildew and is easy to clean.

Carpet pile types to decide between

Pile refers to the height of the carpet fiber. You can choose cut, loop or a combination of both. Cut pile describes fibers that are cut evenly. It comes in three varieties Saxony, Textured and Frieze.

  1. Saxony provides a plush, formal appearance. The material is cut level to a height of 1/2″ high. This type has a high propensity for showing, footprints and vacuum marks.
  2. Textured often appears two-toned and has an uneven surface. It feels soft and is usually less dense than Saxony. The tight-twist construction makes it highly soil-resistant and a good choice for families with active children.
  3. Frieze is an imitation of the old shag type, although normally not the long, stringy fibers characteristic of the old shag carpets. The over-all texture look is not as smooth as other types and tends to feel more casual. It is a very popular style.

Loop pile yarns are looped and attached to the carpet’s backing. The durability of this type makes it an excellent choice for high traffic areas. Loop pile comes in two options:

  1. Berber is uncut loops of natural-tone fibers that vary in size. Typically, it’s made from an olefin and is naturally stain resistant as well as durable. Berber’s popularity and availability has lessened dramatically over the past decade but remains a good choice for high activity areas.
  2. Level loop is similar to Berber but is generally a much tighter weave. Commercial level loops are seen every day in offices and businesses. While is it normally installed without a pad, it can be stretched over a pad or glued to a pad when more cushion is desired. Cut and loop pile is a combination of the above features.

Choosing a carpet color for your home

When selecting a color, besides considering furniture, fabrics, window treatments and other features in a room, ask yourself the following questions.

  • How much traffic will the room get? If the room is heavily used, you should think twice about selecting a light color.
  • Is the room large or small? A light color will make a room appear larger. Add warmth to a large room by installing a dark color. For rooms that receive a lot of natural light, you can expect the true color to be shown. Install a light color to lighten up rooms on the north side of a home.

Getting started with carpet installation

If you are ready to leap into the world of carpet, we hope the above information has helped in the process. If you have anymore questions or are ready to get started today, contact Just Around the Corner!

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