Choosing the Right Flooring Contractor in St. Louis

Flooring Contractor in St. Louis

Floor Installation Importance

Choosing a flooring contractor in St. Louis can be overwhelming.  There are are a ton out there, and now you need to choose one to install the beautiful new flooring you have purchased. Here are a few questions that might help you decide on the right flooring contractor in St. Louis:


Does the flooring contractor have experience installing the type of flooring you have purchased? Installation processes vary depending upon which type of flooring is being installed. Not all flooring contractors have experience installing every type of floor.

Even if the flooring contractor in St. Louis has experience installing the type of flooring you have purchased, do they have experience installing it using your particular situation? For example, if you have purchased hardwood flooring and you need it installed in a room that has a radiant heat system, have they done this type of installation previously?

Besides asking if they have installed your particular flooring, ask how long they have been in business. Also ask if they have references you can call, and if they have pictures of past installations.   What kind of insurance do they have? Does it cover the workers that will be in your home? These are all very important questions to ask any flooring contractor in St. Louis.  The Better Business Bureau is also a good place to check out potential flooring contractors in St. Louis.

Questions To Ask Any Flooring Contractor in St. Louis

  • How many hours/days will the installation take?
  • What will their daily work schedule be? (e.g. 8am start, and out of your home by 4pm?)
  • Will the same installer do the entire job?
  • Will they need access to water, electrical outlets, and other rooms?
  • Where will they store/lay out your flooring while working?
  • How will they protect your baseboards? Your adjacent rooms?
  • How will they handle the installation around/under appliances?
  • How will they clean up the room once the installation is complete?

Any reputable flooring contractor in St. Louis will address all of these questions with you. They will be in your home, and you can set the rules.

A Successful Installation

One way to ensure a successful installation is to purchase your flooring from a store that also has an experienced installation crew. It is a one stop shop, much simpler, and the store that sold you the flooring product has a vested interest in a successful installation.

Just Around The Corner is a one stop shop flooring store that has its own installation department. Their installers are employees that have years of experience installing all floor types, in just about every situation. Your flooring associate will be with you every step of the way – from purchase through installation, making sure you are a satisfied customer from beginning to end.

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