Carpet vs. Hardwood Stairs: Which Would Increase My Resale Value?

Do Potential Homebuyers Prefer Carpet vs. Wood Stairs?

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Conventional wisdom says that hardwood is always better than carpet. Today’s homeowners like the look of hardwood and appreciate that it’s easier to maintain than carpet. But that doesn’t mean carpet is inappropriate everywhere in the home, or that switching from carpet to hardwood will automatically increase your resale value.

The stairs are a great example. Ask a random sampling of people about carpet vs. wood stairs and you are likely to get a pretty even 50/50 split. The home itself plays a role too. Depending on the location and the buyer, you may be able to get more resale value from carpet, or from wood. There is no definitive way to know for sure, but here are some factors to keep in mind:

Existing Materials

What kind of flooring is at the top and the bottom of the stairs currently, and what will be there when you are ready to sell? If both the top and bottom will be carpeted having a hardwood staircase will simply look out of place. If one or both are already hardwood, you can create a more seamless design by matching the staircase.


In some homes, the staircase is the first feature that you notice as you walk through the front door. In other it’s tucked away in a less apparent place. If it’s a central design feature in the home, the striking versatility of hardwood might add a dynamic element to the foyer. But if the staircase is hidden away behind a door in another part of the house the flooring material is unlikely to add or subtract from the value of the home.


What are the other homes in the neighborhood like? There is no rule saying that everyone has to have the same staircase flooring material, but it’s worth noting what the neighbors have done. If everyone else has carpet on the stairs, you might turnoff a potential buyer by bucking the trend.


There are practical concerns that could either help or hurt your cause. Many people with allergies prefer hardwood because it picks up less dust and is easier to clean. Conversely, a lot of people like having carpet on the stairs because it helps muffle sounds that could disturb people sleeping upstairs. These are minor considerations but still worth keeping in mind.

Carpet vs. Wood Stairs – We Have Both at Just Around the Corner

Our goal is to help you make the best choice for your home, not sway you in one direction or another. And no matter which material you settle on you can find lots of options for both carpet and hardwood at Just Around the Corner. Act fast to get special deals on both carpeting and hardwood.


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