How to Choose Carpet Color For Your Bedroom

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Make Your Bedroom a Little More Cozy

Choosing the right carpet color for your bedroom is a significant and often difficult task. After all, it’s a decision you’ll most likely be living with for years.

In terms of both style and color, there are numerous carpet color options to choose from. And because flooring can be one of the more costly expenses in decorating, it’s best to get it right the first time. Before choosing a carpet color for you bedroom to start with:

  • Setting a reasonable budget for the project.
  • Choosing a carpet fiber that fits your lifestyle.
  • Determining how durable your floor will need to be.

When selecting carpet color, also consider details such as fabrics, furniture, and window treatments — because coordinating colors with the rest of the room’s environment is half the battle.

Choosing the Right Carpet Color For Your Bedroom

When it comes to renovating your bedroom, the objective is to design a warm and comfortable feel for the space. While it’s a detail that may seem minor, choosing the right carpet color and style can generate a calm and cozy vibe throughout your bedroom.

Carpet covers a large part of any space in your home, so it’s important to consider some basic rules when selecting the color of your new carpet:

  1. Tweet QuoteRecognize that after your carpet is installed, it might appear lighter in color than the sample you viewed in-store.
  2. Understand how color can impact the apparent size of your bedroom. Lighter colored carpets make a room look larger while darker colors make a room look smaller.
  3. If you plan on moving soon, or you redecorate often, choose a more neutral carpet color.

Tan, brown or gray are typically more “neutral” colors and are a safe option if you’re unsure about whether it’ll match your wall or décor colors.

Showing dirt or stains is less of a concern when installing carpet in your bedroom, but if suspect it may be a problem, avoid extremely light colors like white or beige. If you have colorful tastes, don’t hesitate to try out a bold-colored carpet for your bedroom.

For example: With lighter-colored walls, a vibrant shade of red, green or blue can add visual interest and dimension to your home.

One thing you might want to avoid busy patterns with “loud” colors, because they can be too visually stimulating for the bedroom.

Remember These Key Points When Choosing Your Bedroom’s Carpet Color

  • First, determine your budget and carpet type.
  • Consider other elements of your bedroom, such as fabrics, furniture and window treatments.
  • Understand how the color of your carpet can affect the size and mood of your room.
  • Don’t be afraid to be bold, as long as the color meshes well with the rest of the bedroom.

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