Wide Plank Hardwood is All the Rage

wide plank hardwood popularity

Popularity of Wide Plank Flooring

Wide plank flooring has a reuse, recycle, and reclaim vibe about it. As history tells it, Wide Plank Hardwood was the first size to be used in homes. The planks were hand-cut; the larger the tree, the wider the plank!

Once cut, the planks were laid down without any processing or treatment. Sometimes they were hand-scraped to get rid rough areas and to “smooth” the surface across the room. Sometimes oil was applied on the surface to “season” the wood. The look was rustic, robust, and 100% natural – very organic.

Versatile “Organic” Look

With the organic movement in full swing, Wide Plank Hardwood has become wildly popular. It looks organic and is very robust. It provides a natural/organic look to any room. Wide Planks can come in varying widths. If you have a large room, you can use a wider plank to keep that large feeling in place.

You can even mix the size of width of the planks; 5” or 6” (any size) together in a room, to create a beautiful, interesting floor. Perhaps you want to play up an architectural detail of a room (eg. bay window or fireplace); you can lay a different width around the detail for a stunning look.

Wide Plank Flooring DealEase of Installation

• The same installation options as thinner width hardwood
• Less planks to install
• Fewer grooves over the surface of the room, a uniform look
• Fewer places for dirt and moisture to settle

Wood Variety and Styles

There are tons of different woods and styles; oak and maple being the most popular. For a more rustic look, you can choose a “distressed” or “hand-scraped” style. If you prefer a modern look, go with a glossy, smooth surface with a definitive grain. The options are endless.

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