Top Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Brands: When’s Your Project?

wide plank hardwood brands

Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Brands – The Best for Your Next Project

Choose from the best and skip the rest. Upgrading your flooring is a major project. You will make a significant investment of time and money, and make a change to your home the has a huge impact on its look, feel, and resale value. That’s why when you’re considering wide plank hardwood flooring options, you’ll want to focus only on the top brands available.

The following list consists of what we consider the best wide plank hardwood flooring brands:

Bella Cera

Bella Cera is a brand leader in artisan hardwood. Each wide plank is crafted by hand and carefully inspected for quality by a trained eye. Planks are sourced from the finest hardwood available yet priced to be more affordable than other premium brands.


There is a reason that Armstrong has been in the flooring business for over 150 years. They offer a huge range of wide plank flooring options, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a number of exclusive styles. There is something for every homeowner.


If you don’t want to be limited by your options, the Bruce line of wide plank flooring is a great place to start looking. They have lots of different sizes, styles, and colors available, making it easy to use your new floor to achieve the interior design of your dreams.


When nothing but the best will do, consider a Casabella floor. This brand has a sterling reputation for producing premium flooring out of the world’s finest hardwoods. They also focus on designs that are sophisticated and timeless.


Homeowners who want to do something different should check out the offerings from Johnson. They produce wide plank flooring from exotic woods, leading to a unique line of products that stands out from the competition.


The Appalachian timberlands are the source of some of the world’s best hardwood, including all the wide plank flooring offered by Somerset. In addition to superior quality materials, the brand has lots of options available and designs ranging from rustic to modern.


Instead of paying top dollar for exotic and top-quality wide plank flooring, find options that are just as interesting and a lot more affordable from Amazon. You can do something truly exciting with your flooring project without busting your home improvement budget.

Just Around the Corner Only Carries the Top Brands

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