The Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

Everything You Need to Know about Cork Flooring

Is this the best choice for your new floor?

Cork flooring is one of the most popular flooring options right now. Many people who think that upgrading to hardwood will cost too much and take too long have been pleasantly surprised by what cork flooring has to offer. Explore the pros and cons below.



Cork flooring is unique because it is both soft and strong. It stands up to foot traffic very well, but since it has a slightly spongy character it also provides a comfortable walking surface. This is a particularly good option for a child’s playroom or for anyone that suffers from joint pain.


Cork flooring is naturally resistant to a number of common types of mold, mildew, and invasive organisms. It also has properties that make it naturally allergy resistant – though not entirely hypoallergenic.


Cork flooring is not as dense as some other flooring materials, allowing it store warmth and provide a comfortable surface for bare feet. It is also great at serving as a sound barrier in spaces that are known for being noisy.

Optionscork flooring

Cork flooring is available in a huge range of styles and colors, making it both a dynamic and flexible design element in your home or business. And since it requires very little maintenance, it does a better job of complementing your overall aesthetic.



Cork flooring is not the least expensive flooring option, and it usually requires professional installation. The money you spend upfront, however, will elevate the value of your entire home.

Cork Flooring Load Bearing

Cork flooring is great for lighter loads, but heavy furniture items can leave indents on its soft surface. Sharp objects also have the potential to chip the floor. The simple solution is to use rugs, mats, and pads strategically.

Light Sensitivity

Cork flooring can fade if it is exposed to lots of direct sunlight. And while it can stand up to spills, the liquid needs to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Before committing to cork flooring in a room, consider other elements of the space around it.

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