Wide Plank Flooring

wide plank flooring

Wide plank flooring has long been one of the most popular options for hardwood flooring. This style offers all the benefits you would expect to enjoy from hardwood, plus a few that you can’t get from any other option. No matter what kind of flooring project you have envisioned, wide plank deserves your consideration.

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What Is Wide Plank Flooring?

The simplest definition of wide plank flooring is that it relies on wood planks wider than 3 inches. This is in comparison to strip flooring which uses many thin strips of wood. You have probably seen wide plank flooring in older homes, but it has many looks and benefits that are thoroughly modern. It’s not uncommon to see planks wider than 5 inches, and some even much wider than that.

What Are the Benefits of Wide Plank Flooring?

There are many benefits to consider. First and foremost is variety. Since wide plank flooring refers only to the width of the planks, you’re not limited to wood species, color, finish, or composition. No matter what look you want to achieve, there are wide planks to accommodate.

Speaking of appearance, wide planks offer the unique benefit of accentuating wood’s natural beauty. Wider planks reveal dynamic swirls, deep knotting, and subtle gradations of tone and pattern like no other flooring option.


Cost is another consideration. Wider planks used to be more expensive than the alternatives, but thanks to advances in hardwood engineering there are now options available to suit any budget. And since it takes less time to lay down wider planks rather than lots of thinner strips, your installation time is cut significantly.

Where Can I Use Wide Plank Flooring?

The short answer is anywhere and everywhere. Wide planks come in both natural and engineered varieties. Engineered can stand up to repeated exposure to water, meaning you can install wide planks in a kitchen and bathroom and not worry about warping.

Wide planks have proven particularly popular in smaller spaces which can feel cramped when strip flooring is laid down. Wide plank floors have fewer creases, creating a more seamless surface across the floor and opening up the entire space. In a space that already feels open, wide planks offer an appealingly cohesive look.

This option is also appropriate in homes of any age and any style. Since so many looks, colors, and options are available, wide planks can be used to achieve a feeling of rustic warmth or modern sophistication. In any case, the look is timeless.

What Can Just Around the Corner Offer?

We offer our St. Louis customers an unbeatable selection of factory finished wide planks for your flooring project.

Wide plank flooring brands we’re proud to represent include:

We also offer many brands and species of unfinished wide planks. JATC specializes in on-site finishing, and there is a wide variety of color options to choose from. We can even hand scrape your wide plank floors to achieve a beautifully distressed look that hides future scrapes, dents or dings.

Just Around the Corner is the St. Louis dealer of unfinished engineered wide plank hardwood flooring from industry leading brand V3. This hardwood features a top veneer layer that can be refinished several times, and is engineered to be more dimensionally stable than solid wide plank. This is important in helping withstand our dramatic humidity changes in the St. Louis area.

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wide plank flooring