Softwood vs. Hardwood Flooring in St. Louis, MO

Make the best choice for your home improvement project.

If you’re ready to switch to hardwood floors or replace the ones you already have you’ll need to choose between softwood and hardwood. What’s the difference? It all has to do with the kind of tree the wood is harvested from. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that softwoods are soft and hardwoods are hard. In fact, in some instances the exact opposite is true. To help you clear up one of the most common sources of confusion about wood flooring, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of both types of wood below.

Softwood Pros and Cons


Cost: Softwood is often significantly less expensive than hardwood, up to 50% less in some cases. If you are on a budget but still want the natural look of wood flooring, softwoods are typically very accessible.

Sustainability: Softwood trees like pine grow a lot faster than hardwood trees like oaks. That means harvesting them has less of a negative impact on the environment. Some softwood sources like bamboo are even considered a renewable resource because they grow back so quickly.


Durability: Softwoods are not soft to the touch, but they are softer than hardwoods generally. That means they are more vulnerable to dents and dings. Most people elect to use softwoods in parts of the home that get less traffic.

Finishing: Softwoods rarely come prefinished, unlike hardwoods. That means your flooring project will involve an extra step. Some people like having the opportunity to finish their floors as they please, but others would rather not bother.

Hardwood Pros and Cons


Softwood vs. HardwoodStrength: Hardwood can stand up to a lot of abuse and still look like new. That makes it a great choice for rooms like the kitchen where cans and utensils get dropped a lot.

Aesthetics: Hardwoods are typically considered more attractive than softwoods. They are available in a range of shades, tones, and grains, making them a versatile design element.


Price: Hardwoods cost significantly more than softwoods. There are affordable options available, but high-end hardwoods can prove to be very expensive, especially in large flooring projects.

Environmental Impact: Hardwood trees take a long time to grow, and even when they are harvested responsibly there is a significant impact on the environment. If this is priority for you, be sure to investigate where and how your hardwood was harvested.

Find Both at Just Around the Corner

The truth is that both of these are great options, you just need to know where and how to use each type of wood in your St. Louis, MO home. Get the expert guidance you need along with great prices on softwoods and hardwoods at Just Around the Corner.

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