Find the Right Wide Plank Floor for Your Home

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Which Type of Wide Plank Flooring Should I Choose?

Keep these factors in mind as you explore your options. By now you have decided that wide plank flooring is the best option for your new floors. The next step is to determine which type of wide plank floor to choose. Thanks to the versatility of this flooring selection, you have lots and lots of options to choose from.

Focus on these details to find the best one for your home:

Plank Width

Wide plank flooring is available in widths ranging from 3 inches to 10 inches or more. Generally, the wider the plank, the more the individual boards will cost. You can keep your costs to a minimum by selecting an assortment of random-width planks. By relying on the widths that are most available, you slash your material costs and still end up with a floor that looks amazing.


Wide plank flooring comes in a wide range of colors, from a near black to the lightest tan. The specific color you choose has a big impact on the overall look and feel of the floorand everything around it. Be sure to consider the rugs, furniture, and decorations that will fill out the room. Consider the amount of light the room gets as well. Lighter floors can brighten up a darker space.

Wood Grain

Wide plank flooring is great for highlighting the natural, unpredictable patterns found in wood grain. The grain pattern you end up with will depend on the type of wood you choose, and the way that it is milled. A more subtle grain projects a clean, modern look while a more prominent grain suggests a rustic design. Be sure to inspect samples closely before making up your mind.


Wide plank flooring is going to take a beating in any home. Foot traffic, pet claws, spills, and shifting furniture are all sources of wear and tear. The strength and durability of wood is a direct function of its hardness, and different species have different levels of hardness. Pick one at the top of the scale if you’re concerned about extending the life of the floor.


Wide plank flooring is capable of expanding or shrinking with changes in humidity and temperature. Over time, this can cause small cracks to appear between the planks. Different species of wood react differently to environmental changes. Some can go from one extreme to the other with little to no change at all. Don’t settle on any option before considering it’s year-round, long-term performance.

All Types of Wide Plank Flooring are at Just Around the Corner

Remember that it’s never a good idea to rush your choice of wide plank flooring. Upgrading your flooring is a big project that you will live with for years to come. Only a perfect option will do. Count on finding what you want at Just Around the Corner. Then rely on our installation experts to see your flooring project through from beginning to end. Get started soon, and take advantage of exclusive discounts on wide plank flooring.

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