Preparing for Hardwood Floor Installation: 5 Quick Tips

preparing for hardwood floor installation

Preparing for Hardwood Floor Installation – 5 Tips

Make your project perfect by preparing your home for new floors. Installing a new floor is a big project, regardless of whether you’re doing the work yourself or relying on a professional flooring contractor for installation services. One way to make the project run smoother is to carefully prepare your home in advance of the flooring installation. Taking preliminary steps helps the project get started full steam ahead sooner and eliminates a lot of common setbacks and installation issues. Use these five tips to prepare.

Understand Your Responsibilities

Installing a hardwood floor is a multi-step process. If you have decided to work with an installer, make sure you know exactly what they are prepared to do. Will they clear out the area where the floor is being replaced? Will they tear up the old flooring? Will they bring all of their own equipment, including trash dumpsters? Explore the details in depth so that you’re not caught off guard when the installers arrive.

Make Accommodations for Your Stuff

In most cases, you will need to entirely clear out a room if a new hardwood floor is going to be installed. That means all the furniture, all the wall decorations (you don’t want them covered in dust), all the appliances, and anything inside of the closets. Your installer may handle this for you, or the work could be your responsibility. Either way, you will need to have enough empty space on hand to store all of this stuff safely. If necessary, mobile storage is available for rental.

Think About Your Pets

You know to stay out of the way once the work starts, but your pet’s natural curiosity will make them want to wade into the center of the project. This could put both the pet and the floor at risk. Plus, having your floor torn up might make caring for the pet unusually difficult. If you anticipate this being an issue, consider boarding the pet or asking a friend/relative to care for them.

Consider the Needs of the Installers

When the installer’s job is easier, your project goes better overall. Make sure that someone is home to let them in in the morning, or have a key cut so that they can come and go at will. Show them where to use the bathroom, where to locate the circuit breaker, and where to find outlets. If you have any special rules to follow in your home, you should also outline those clearly.

Look for a Home Away from Home

Depending on the scope of your project, your home may not be able to meet the needs of you and your family while it’s being worked on. If it’s too difficult to cook, work, relax, and sleep as normal, you may want to find a place to stay temporarily.

Preparing for Hardwood Floor Installation Made Easy

The best way to get you and your home ready is to work with the right flooring company. At Just Around the Corner, you are guaranteed help in selecting the best flooring products for your home and effortless installation of quality products quickly, completely, and with respect for your needs. Choose the hardwood flooring experts of St. Louis for your next flooring installation.

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