Pet-Friendly Hardwood Flooring

Pet-Friendly Hardwood Flooring

Pet-Friendly Hardwood Flooring

Made with cats and dogs in mind.

Pets can be rough on hardwood flooring, but hardwood flooring can be just as rough on pets. Anyone that has seen a dog slipping and sliding around on a hardwood floor knows what we are talking about. Luckily, as long as you go with pet-friendly hardwood flooring, both your floors and your pets will have an easier time.


When people ask us about pet-friendly hardwood flooring, we usually recommend hand scraped styles. This particular flooring option has a distinct surface texture that hides the look of scratches and scrapes. And since it has this texture, it makes it easier for four-legged friends to find some purchase as they go dashing around the home.

Handscraped flooring gets its name from a technique used in its production. In order to smooth down the wood, a knife was pulled across its surface. When done correctly, this would produce an even surface but also leave distinctive scrape marks. Today this technique is usually done with a machine, but some hand-crafted styles are still available.

Warm and RusticPet-Friendly Hardwood Flooring

In addition to being pet-friendly hardwood flooring, hand scraped flooring is prized for the warm, rustic quality that it lends to the home.

Handscraped and Distressed Flooring are different!

Distressed flooring typically looks more worn down, which can be a great look but does not offer the same pet-friendly benefits.

If you are considering a home flooring renovation and you have pets, strongly consider going with pet-friendly hardwood flooring. The features that make it great for pets also mean that other scratches and scrapes won’t be so apparent. That helps your home to look better for longer and saves you the cost and hassle of the refinishing process.

Just Around The Corner Knows Floors And Pets

When you start looking for pet-friendly hardwood flooring, you will find an extensive inventory and a wide range of options at Just Around the Corner. We are a leading St. Louis flooring provider, and we can supply both the materials and the labor. Our no-pressure sales staff and experienced team of contractors will do everything possible to ensure you have a great experience. Keep pet-friendly hardwood in mind, and learn how you could save significantly on allergy-friendly flooring.

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