Mohawk Carpet Review: What is the Best Carpet Brand?

mohawk carpet

Mohawk’s extensive carpet catalog provides a luxurious and stylish flooring option to complement any home decor.

Mohawk Carpet Colors and Styles

Mohawk flooring offers a carpet choice for virtually any style, offering you a product to fit every flooring need. With thousands of colors, patterns and textures, Mohawk carpet makes choosing your new floor fun, without compromising your tastes and needs.

As the world’s largest flooring manufacturer, Mohawk’s diverse range of products offer consumers:

  • Plush comfort and luxury
  • Limitless styles & colors
  • Exceptional stain and wear resistance
  • A green and clean flooring solution

At Just Around the Corner, you can buy Mohawk carpet in St. Louis at attractive prices, providing your home with resilience and comfort, along with luxurious fashion.

Protect Your Floor With Stain and Soil Repel Technology

Carpet Installation in HomeMohawk’s advanced carpet designs are engineered with advanced fibers, with the unparalleled protection of Scotchgard Advanced Repel Technology. Exclusive to Mohawk carpet, Scotchgard Protector makes your carpet even more resilient to liquids and soil. Among other things, this advanced carpet technology provides:

  • Easier maintenance because spills and stains remain on the surface
  • Trusted stability and coverage from the #1 leader in carpet stain protection
  • Protection that gives your floor long-lasting flavor and endurance

In collaboration with renowned manufacturer 3M, Mohawk has incorporated Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology into a number of their flooring lines, including:

  • Mohawk hardwood flooring
  • EverStrand carpet
  • PermaStrand carpet
  • Wear-Dated carpet

Eco-Friendly Carpet Brands > Mohawk is One of Them

If you’re eco-minded, Mohawk is the carpet brand for you. Their EverStrand product line includes its own family of carpet fibers, to give you a high-quality eco-friendly flooring option. The EverStrand name originates from a stunning family of fibers, including:

  • One that consumes not a single virgin petrochemical resource.
  • One that uses even the by-products from the production process.
  • One that is making a global impact on the environment.

During the production process, all EverStrand carpets are recycled (See how Mohawk recycles bottles to craft beautiful carpet in this video). You’re able to select the carpet solution you desire with absolute certainty that your choice is a sustainable one.

Mohawk’s EverStrand product line is, without a doubt, a unique carpet fiber in the flooring industry.

Key Takeaways From Mohawk Carpet Review

  • With decades of experience, Mohawk is the most trusted brand in carpet.
  • Mohawk carpet colors and styles are without limits.
  • Scotchgard Advanced Repel Technology provides long-lasting protection.
  • Mohawk offers an eco-friendly carpet solution in its EverStrand product line.

If you are interested in Mohawk carpet, speak to an expert at Just Around the Corner. We are a flooring retailer in St. Louis that’ll help you find the floor that best meets your needs. Email us, call us or visit our showroom to get started!

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