Understanding Luxury Vinyl Products

luxury vinyl tile in St. Louis

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Tile (LVT):  The New Generation of Flooring

Just Around the Corner is excited to introduce the latest flooring technologies to continue our goal of offering the very best Family-Friendly Flooring to St. Louis homes.   With so many options to choose from, it’s important to understand the benefits of the new wave of flooring options including Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). Continue reading »

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Dennis P. writes,”Just Around the Corner put in new wood flooring for us and refinished our existing hardwood. Their work far exceeded out expectations. A very professional and timely staff installed the floors. We get comments all the time on how great they look.”

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Just Around The Corner is a family owned and operated St. Louis business with an A+ rating with the BBB! Our employees are thoroughly trained in the art of floor installation and refinishing. Our average lead man has approximately seven years with the company and his primary goal is your satisfaction!

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Top 5 Flooring Companies in St. Louis

Pick from the Best Flooring Companies in Saint Louis

Partner with the right flooring company from the start

There are more than a few flooring companies in St. Louis. But the simple fact is the most of them do not deserve your business. You will pay inflated prices, make do with poor-quality materials, and receive a substandard quality of work. For something as important as your floors, you can’t settle for anything less than perfect. Before you commit to one company or another, learn about the top 5 flooring companies in St. Louis:

Continue reading »

QUIZ: Which Flooring Option is Best for You?

Match Up Your Flooring Needs with Your Flooring Options

Make your next flooring upgrade the right flooring upgrade

There are lots of different types of flooring. And in most cases, any type can be installed in any room. Since you have so few limits, it’s up to you to figure out what you really want from your new floor and then pick choose your material accordingly. Take this quiz to get your thinking started:


Q:  What type of flooring provides the best insulation?

A.  Hardwood
B.  Carpet
C.  Ceramic Tile
D.  Vinyl Tile

The answer is B – carpet. Since carpet is thick and synthetic, it is great at insulating space. That means it traps more of your climate controlled air in the room when it’s hot or cold outside. It also blocks out noises that come from the rooms below you. That makes this a good choice for bedrooms where you’re looking for quiet and comfort.

Q:  What material offers the largest number of flooring options?

A.  Hardwood
B.  Carpet
C.  Ceramic Tile
D.  Vinyl Tile

The answer is A – hardwood. The other three options come in lots of looks and styles, but not as many as hardwood. Hardwood comes in tons of different colors. It can be used to achieve a look that is modern, rustic, or classic. Plus, since it’s a natural product, no two hardwood floors are exactly alike. Regardless of your design sense, there is sure to be an option that appeals to you.

Q:  Which of these flooring options is easiest to clean?

A.  Hardwood
B.  Carpet
C.  Ceramic Tile
D.  Vinyl Tile

The answer is both C and D – tile. In order to clean carpet, you have to get out the vacuum, and staining is always a concern. Hardwood only takes a broom and mop, but you need to worry about scratches, fading, and other types of wear and tear. Tile, by contrast, retains it’s like-new look for years, stands up to wear and tear, will not stain, and takes basic equipment to clean. That’s why this is a popular option for kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms.

Q: What flooring option is the least expensive?

A.  Hardwood
B.  Carpet
C.  Ceramic Tile
D.  Vinyl Tile

The answer is D – vinl tile. Strictly speaking, this is the least expensive option on the market. But different types of flooring come in a wide range of price points. There is some hardwood that’s very expensive, and other hardwood that is surprisingly affordable. The same is true of carpet. Plus, in many cases, you compromise quality and longevity by making cost the only factor you consider.


All Your Flooring Options are at Just Around the Corner

Still debating? Why not visit our store in person and be able to see and feel each material directly? We have lots of options for you to consider and expert staff on hand to answer all of your questions. Act fast to take advantage of the exciting flooring deals we have going on right now!


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5 Great Bedroom Flooring Options

bedroom flooring options

Exploring Your Bedroom Flooring Options

Five exciting choices to add style and comfort.

The bedroom is more than just the place that you sleep. It’s also the place where you end your day, begin your morning, and retreat to when you need to relax. That’s why comfort matters more than anything else. If you are thinking of replacing the floor in your bedroom, you have lots of options. Explore the most common below as you begin to plan your redecoration project.


It just makes sense that you would want to go from the softness of a bed to the softness of carpet. The plush feel and year-round warmth of carpet make this an ideal choice for all kinds of bedroom designs.

Today’s carpet comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns and is available with a range of textures. The only drawback is that carpet can be more difficult to maintain than other bedroom flooring options.

Hardwoodbedroom flooring options

Hardwood may not be as immediately comfortable as carpet, but it does give the bedroom a natural, cozy feeling that is immediately relaxing. Plus, when compared to vinyl or stone options, hardwood is softer and better insulated.

Many people decide to pair hardwood with rugs or other floor coverings. Just be sure to work a qualified hardwood flooring installer to avoid annoying squeaks and creaks that can disturb a sleeping partner.


Cork flooring has exploded in popularity in recent years, particularly as a material for bedroom flooring.

That’s because it’s soft underfoot, blocks out the cold, and comes in a range of stylish natural looks.  Tweet This

Better still, with some simple maintenance, cork is long-lasting and largely immune to stains.  The only thing to be concerned about is that cork is a very soft material that can easily scratch under animal claws or furniture legs.  Want bedroom flooring ideas? Click here!


Vinyl flooring isn’t just for the kitchen. It’s becoming one of the more common bedroom flooring options because it delivers remarkable versatility. It is available in a near limitless range of looks, and when combined with underlayment padding it provides the softness and insulation of carpet.

Better still, vinyl is very easy to take care of, especially in areas like the bedroom that have low foot traffic. Some homeowners, however, object to the fact that vinyl is a non-sustainable material with a heavy environmental impact.


Laminate flooring is popular as a low-cost alternative to more expensive materials like hardwood. The look is remarkably similar, but laminate is available at a fraction of the cost and much easier to install. When combined with underlayment padding options, laminate flooring can also be surprisingly comfortable. Be aware, the low-cost of the laminate is offset by its relatively short lifespan.

Find All Your Bedroom Flooring Options at Just Around the Corner

Know which option is right for you? Still trying to make up your mind? Either way, visit Just Around the Corner and start working with these bedroom flooring options in person. The best way to make up your mind is to experience the look and feel of each option with your own eyes and hands. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Armstrong vs Mannington Flooring > Who Wins the Race?

armstrong vs. mannington

What to do with all those options?

It is hard to compare Armstrong and Mannington because both companies offer great products. The answer may be to choose the product that best fits your lifestyle, decorating style, and budget. Take a look below at what each company has to offer. We have broken it down into the three main categories of flooring: hardwood, laminate, and vinyl.

Hardwood flooring

When choosing a hardwood floor style that’s best for you, consider these basics: color, wood species, board width, edge style, gloss level, board thickness, and warranty. Both Armstrong and Mannington offer great hardwood flooring options.


Armstrong hardwood flooring is the top wood flooring brand in the world and has a reputation among designers for having the most style diversity.

Armstrong’s “Best Collection” will give you a more uniform appearance in color with less character. The lower you go within the Armstrong collections, the more character you will see.

With Armstrong hardwood flooring, you’ll find the most amount of character, knots, mineral streaks, pinholes, etc. in their Good Collection.


Mannington hardwood flooring is known as a premier engineered hardwood flooring manufacturer, offering diverse wood flooring styles in 3″ to 5″ wide engineered wood floor planks that can be direct glued, stapled down or floated over most all subfloors using the Mannington underlayment pad options and Mannington Flooring MegaGlue.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is best known for its durability. It’s practically indestructible and is a snap to keep clean. And as for style, it also uses advanced technology to achieve realistic wood and tile looks and textures that install by just ‘clicking’ together. The wood looks are even more realistic now that they come in single planks, with texturing and beveled edges – just like real wood.


Armstrong laminate flooring provides an upscale appearance with the characteristics of real wood and stone. It is easy to care for, as well as scratch and moisture resistant. MasterWorks technology enables Armstrong laminate flooring to create extremely realistic, clear, and vibrant laminate floor designs.

The patented ArmaLock Laminate Flooring Installation system makes it easy to install their laminate floor without glue. Each laminate flooring plank aligns itself automatically and locks into place. You don’t have to wait for glue to dry, so you can use the room immediately.

Hardwood Flooring GuideMannington

Mannington laminate brings you a variety of selections from which to choose for stone tile to slate looks. Find traditional multi-strip planks in the Mannington Coordinations Collection, ranging from 3-strip to 1-strip planks, and even offering a variety of products with random widths in each carton.

In the Mannington Revolutions Plank and Tile Collection, you can find single strip planks. These wood style visuals are accompanied by micro-beveled edges for an even more realistic appearance.

If you are looking for a laminate floor with a more affordable price, try one of the Mannington Value Lock selections.

Most of Mannington’s laminate collections come with a 25 year warranty, a Melamine Wearsurface with Aluminum Oxide, M-Lock tongue and groove systems and AquaEdges (tongue and groove surfaces are impregnated with a moisture sealant to protect against moisture penetration between the planks.)

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring offers cushiony softness underfoot, easy maintenance and a wide variety of patterns and colors that – thanks to today’s technology – look and feel very much like the natural material they replicate. Of all flooring options, vinyl stands out as the easiest to install and the most economical.


Vinyl tile from Armstrong is available in a multitude of designs, including looks that simulate natural materials such as wood, stone and ceramic tile.

Armstrong luxury vinyl tile offers different-sized squares, is sold in plank shapes to replicate the look of hardwood flooring, and features MasterWorks Technology for stunningly realistic-looking floor designs.


Mannington’s Adura vinyl tile offers you everything from classic stone designs like slate and travertine, to contemporary polished marble and burnished metallics.

Mannington Adura vinyl tile can stand up to just about anything, and it is incredibly easy to maintain. It features SCRATCHRESIST technology, which improves resistance to everyday household scratches that can make floors look old before their time.

From wood planks to stone and ceramic tile formats, Adura luxury vinyl tile is manufactured with clear and extremely fine detail; it durable and fashion forward. Their “LockSolid” installation allows for a glueless floating installation.

To Recap

Armstrong vs Mannington Flooring: Who Wins the Race? The answer will be found in which product line best fits your lifestyle, decorating style, and budget. It will be helpful for you to keep in mind the below points throughout your search.

Hardwood flooring

When choosing a hardwood floor style that’s best for you, consider these basics: color, wood species, board width, edge style, gloss level, board thickness, and warranty. Both companies offer great hardwood flooring options.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is best known for its <strong>durability</strong>. It’s practically indestructible, and is a snap to keep clean. And as for style, it also uses advanced technology to achieve realistic wood and tile looks and textures that install by just ‘clicking’ together. The wood looks are even more realistic now that they come in single planks, with texturing and beveled edges – just like real wood. Both Armstrong and Mannington offer a wide variety of laminate products.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring offers cushiony softness underfoot, easy maintenance and a wide variety of patterns and colors that look and feel very much like the natural material they replicate. Of all flooring options, vinyl stands out as the easiest to install and the most economical.

For additional information on the product lines of Armstrong vs. Mannington, ask the friendly flooring professionals at Just Around The Corner; serving Chesterfield, Ballwin, West County, and throughout the St. Louis area, they will be happy to guide you through the decision-making process. It is their goal to help you choose the flooring option that is best for you.

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The Hottest Flooring Trends for 2015 and Beyond – St. Louis

flooring trends

Making Your Home Cozy But Also Trendy

In the flooring world, hardwood is getting more roughed-up, carpeting is getting softer, and vinyl is getting more luxurious. Colors are coming more into play across all flooring, and these trends won’t be slowing down any time soon.


Preferences in hardwoods are leaning toward wood floors that have been hand-scraped, making the hardwood appear old.

Along an environmentally friendly vein, a growing segment of the market is interested in reclaimed woods, which have been salvaged from older residential flooring or even from old barns.

Also, darker stains are becoming more popular. Black stands as one of the hottest wood flooring trends for 2015. Grown-up and bold, black stained hardwood or black engineered wood floors instantly add elegance to a room.

Hardwood flooring trends are also leaning toward larger planks, and using multiple sized planks. People are also moving toward more exotic species like hickory, cherry, and walnut.

  • Hand-scraped
  • Reclaimed Woods
  • Darker stains
  • Larger Planks and Multiple sized planks
  • Exotic species


Hardwood Flooring GuideCarpeting manufacturers are creating fiber combinations that take softness to a whole new level. Products like the Shaw Caress line (nylon, with a new way of processing the fiber) and Mohawk Flooring’s SmartStrand Silk line (a nylon product that the company says uses three times the number of fibers of other carpet).

In terms of carpet styles, the current favorite that will most likely continue through 2015 and beyond is a broad genre called cut-and-loop, in which the pile is partly cut and partly looped to create a sculpted look or pattern.

The trend is more toward the patterned carpet with a cleaner finish, and some personality to it.

Luxury Vinyl

Advanced Technology is giving vinyl an upscale look, and people love it! At its most basic, the process of producing it amounts to taking a photo of wood, concrete, marble, or fabric, and printing it onto less expensive vinyl flooring, usually in the form of squares or planks. Anything you can take a picture of, you can make it into vinyl tile. We will be seeing much more of this in 2015 and beyond.
Color Trends

Grey is being dubbed as the new neutral, and provides a fresh and edgy sense to any room. This color allows bright colors and textures to stand out beautifully. Designers rave about how this light, yet strong tone highlights the natural grain of any wood species, providing visual interest and character. Gray hardwood is especially popular in dining rooms and entrance-ways.

If you want a flooring color that allows your personal design style to take center stage, White stands out as an excellent choice. A glossy white finish enhances the natural light in a room, while whitewashed wood flooring captures that shabby chic look that remains on trend for 2015 and beyond.

Another popular option is Copper colored flooring. Copper provides an upscale appearance that works especially well with parquet patterns; most popular in entryways and dining rooms.

Color Trends for 2015 and beyond

  • Gray for Strong Grains
  • White for Optimum Display
  • Copper for Eye-Catching Appeal

Everyone wants their home to feel warm and welcoming while at the same time reflecting their sense of style and personality. Looking at current and future flooring trends is a great way to incorporate your sense of style and personality throughout your home while at the same time keeping it looking fresh and up-to-date. A few take-aways are summarized below:

  • Wood is getting more roughed-up
  • Carpeting is getting softer
  • Vinyl is getting more luxurious
  • CeramicTile Size is getting bigger
  • Colors are coming more into play across all flooring

If you’re looking for new flooring in St. Louis, MO, visit the experts at Just Around the Corner to fulfill all of your flooring needs.

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3 Tips For Cleaning Your Tile Flooring

Tips to Clean Tile

Tile is a durable flooring option for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas in the home that might often become wet or dirty. And while dust and grime may disturb your floor, with proper care and treatment your tile will shine for years to come.

clean tile floorsIn this article you will learn 3 tips for cleaning your tile flooring, with a three-part system that includes basic care, deep cleaning procedures, and grout cleaning.

If you are also looking for tips on how to clean your carpet, check out one of our recent blogs.

1. Basic Tile Flooring Care

There are a number of ways to maintain the integrity of your tile floors. Some methods for cleaning your tile flooring will take more time than others, but all will contribute to making your floor sparkle.

  • Sweeping or vacuuming will remove dirt, food crumbs, and other various fragments that may accumulate on your floor. The more diligent you are about cleaning, the better your chances of avoiding hard-to-remove grime.
  • Mopping and then drying the tile with warm water will prevent new dirt from accumulating and staining the grout.
  • Clean up spills. If you drop orange juice on the floor soak it up promptly!

2. Deep Cleaning Procedures

In addition to the basic flooring care techniques listed above, there are several deep cleaning procedures that will also help maintain your tile floor.

  • Mop with 1/2 cup of vinegar and a gallon of water. If needed, mop again with fresh water and detergent.
  • Remove stains: Ignoring a spill for too long will result in stained tile, so formulate a paste to clean any stained areas. With a clean brush, scrub using a mixture of warm water and scouring powder.
  • Clean mildew from tile using a 50/50 mixture of water and ammonia. Mildew tends to creep into bathrooms, so put on a pair of rubber gloves, and get scrubbing!

3. Washing Stained Grout

Cleaning grout may not be the most enjoyable task, but it’s a necessity, particularly when the grout comprises old stains that have lingered over time. If you follow the proper steps, your grout will look as clean as it did when it was originally installed.

  • Use oxygen bleach and warm water to break down stain molecules into small pieces.
  • Pour the mixture onto the tile floor so that your grout lines are completely soaked. Don’t flood the floor, but make sure the level of water fills the grout.
  • After 30 minutes, wash out the grout with a nylon-bristled brush.
  • And finally, rinse the floor with clean water until the grout is completely clean.

These are a few useful do-it-yourself tips for cleaning your tile flooring. All it takes is a few household supplies and a willingness to administer the maintenance regularly.

If you’d like to go the extra mile, or if you have stains that cannot be cleaned through basic cleaning procedures, consider using a steam cleaning machine. This is an effective solution when bleach products are not proven to be effective.

Just Around the Corner in St. Louis, MO would love to hear from you. Contact one of our flooring specialists to learn more about tile floor maintenance, or if you have any other questions relating to flooring.

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Does Luxury Vinyl Tile Look Cheap?

Just a few short years ago, both residential and commercial property owners who desired floors that enhance the appearance of the offices and homes avoided cheap, plastic—looking vinyl tile or linoleum products. Today, advances in flooring technology and manufacturing processes make the look, grains and character of luxury vinyl tile or plank flooring just as stunning as traditional flooring made of more expensive hardwoods and stone.

As more homeowners seek a practical, less-expensive alternative to traditional options, many are choosing to install luxury vinyl tile. This flooring type represents the fastest growing category in the industry, with sales surpassing the $500 million mark in 2011, according to the Floor Daily website.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Style Options

Luxury Vinyl TileConsumers are no longer limited to the bland selections of their parents. The product comes in just about any flooring material you care to match, including wood, bamboo, marble, stone, ceramic tile, metal flooring or inlaid hardwood.

You also have the choice of a multitude of color options to fit any décor. The texture of the product is so good—that it can easily pass the “eye test,” and look just as expensive as traditional flooring options but at a lower cost.

Compared To Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl tile gives you a visual appearance of real stone or ceramic tile. Products like Armstong Alterna tile can even be grouted to better enhance the authentic appearance. You also select from a palette of color options from which to choose. Property owners are looking for the appearance of expensive flooring in high traffic areas or where there is potential for water damage to occur can install luxury vinyl plank flooring that looks like bamboo or hardwood flooring. The material consists of long rectangular pieces that can be floated over many existing surfaces or glued directly to the sub-floor.

By using the same “staggering” technique employed for hardwood floor installations, luxury vinyl plank flooring, at first, glance, will appear to be the “real thing.” The wear layer on most products is Aluminum Oxide, which repels scratches magnificently. It is common to find commercial warranties on these products.

Installing Luxury Vinyl Tile

The material’s limitless design possibilities and high-quality visual appeal make it an attractive option. Many do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowners would be pleased with the easy installation. Any person with average DIY abilities can install these tiles. Most materials are tongue and grooved or click-together, but other types are square edged for gluing directly to the sub-floor. The DIY favorite is the peel-n-stick or self-adhesive type.

Here are the basic steps for installing self-adhering luxury vinyl tile:

  •  Mark your reference line to begin the project
  •  Peel off the protective backing
  •  Lay the floor down

Complete the installation project by using a 75 lb. or 100 lb. roller to set the tiles in place.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Maintenance

Most all of these materials are maintenance free. They have a finished surface that should last for many years. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and maintenance. A general rule is not to use any cleaners that leave a film on the floor. Once this happens a maintenance problem is created. Microfiber mops and hot water work well on all floors with a urethane finish. Other cleaners are available as well. Call our office to order the proper cleaner today!

Speak To Your Flooring Professional

You can install this tile in any area of your property and feel confident that you have made the right choice. Just Around the Corner has been servicing commercial and residential flooring clients in the St. Louis area for over 24 years. If you have any questions about luxury vinyl flooring or other floor products, contact us and speak to one of our flooring experts for assistance.

Just Around the Corner provides this article as a service to help you make an informed decision about installing vinyl in your home. If you have any questions, please contact us

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