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Dennis P. writes,”Just Around the Corner put in new wood flooring for us and refinished our existing hardwood. Their work far exceeded out expectations. A very professional and timely staff installed the floors. We get comments all the time on how great they look.”

Trust the experts at JATC with all of your hardwood flooring needs! Call (314)-487-9909 today!

JATC Is Family Owned With An A+ Rating With The BBB

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Just Around The Corner is a family owned and operated St. Louis business with an A+ rating with the BBB! Our employees are thoroughly trained in the art of floor installation and refinishing. Our average lead man has approximately seven years with the company and his primary goal is your satisfaction!

For all of your hardwood, vinyl, laminate, stone, tile, carpet, cork and decorative concrete flooring needs, call JATC today at (314)-487-9909.


Preparing for Hardwood Floor Installation: 5 Quick Tips

preparing for hardwood floor installation

Preparing for Hardwood Floor Installation – 5 Tips

Make your project perfect by preparing your home for new floors. Installing a new floor is a big project, regardless of whether you’re doing the work yourself or relying on a professional flooring contractor for installation services. One way to make the project run smoother is to carefully prepare your home in advance of the flooring installation. Taking preliminary steps helps the project get started full steam ahead sooner and eliminates a lot of common setbacks and installation issues. Use these five tips to prepare. Continue reading »

Top 5 Flooring Companies in St. Louis

Pick from the Best Flooring Companies in Saint Louis

Partner with the right flooring company from the start

There are more than a few flooring companies in St. Louis. But the simple fact is the most of them do not deserve your business. You will pay inflated prices, make do with poor-quality materials, and receive a substandard quality of work. For something as important as your floors, you can’t settle for anything less than perfect. Before you commit to one company or another, learn about the top 5 flooring companies in St. Louis:

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A Rug Buying Guide by Room Layout

Tips for How to Choose a Rug

Add style, comfort, and utility to any room with a rug

You might love the floors you have in place already, but that doesn’t mean your home couldn’t use some variety. That’s why rugs make such a great addition. They complement and contrast your interior designs to provide a bold style upgrade. They insulate your feet from extreme temperatures when you’re walking barefoot. Plus, they protect your floors when muddy shoes and pet paws are a problem. In order to find the very best rug for any room in your home, simply refer to our quick rug buying guide.

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3 Common Mistakes When Refinishing Hardwood Floors Yourself

What to Watch Out for When Refinishing Wood Floors Yourself

Avoid these 3 major hazards for a better DIY refinishing project

Refinishing your own hardwood floors is one of the most satisfying home improvement projects out there. And by taking on the labor yourself, you can save a ton of money. But be warned – refinishing wood floors is a big job with plenty of room for error. Small mistakes during the refinishing process can lead to unsightly and uneven wood floors that you’re now stuck with. That’s why we’ve gathered together a few tips to help you avoid common mistakes.

Keep Your Sander Moving

A drum sander can be an intimidating piece of equipment, but you need a tool that powerful in order to get all of the old finish off your wood floor. A lot of homeowners who take on this project make the mistake of running the sander for too long in one place. That ends up creating a dip in the floor that may be invisible to the naked eye but won’t be invisible to the foot. The best strategy is to be slow and methodical but to always keep the sander moving.

Get Rid of All the Dust

Your average drum sander will vacuum up about 90% of the sawdust that it creates. But you should expect the remaining 10% to go anywhere and everywhere. It’s imperative that you get all this dust up – including from surfaces off the floor like window sills – because you’ll be able to spot any remaining dust in your new finish. Again, a methodical approach is best. Clean the area thoroughly, then clean it again, and clean it again. It only takes a few specks of dust to blemish an otherwise gleaming new finish.

Let the Floor Dry Completely

After you apply your new finish, it will be dry to the touch in an hour or so. But that doesn’t mean the finish has fully set, and if you move around on it, you could do a lot of damage. In general, the more drying time, the better. You should wait at least a few days before you walk around on it and start to move things into place, but giving it a whole week is the best policy. Be sure to account for this long wait as you plan out your project.

Get Supplies, Advice and Assistance at Just Around the Corner

We salute the DIY enthusiast, but we always caution people that refinishing wood floors yourself takes planning and preparation. You can find all the materials you will need for the job at Just Around the Corner along with hardwood flooring experts to answer all your questions. If you’re ready to get the project rolling, take advantage of special flooring discounts for a limited time only.


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