Hardwood in Bathrooms: Should It Be Done?

Many people have an affinity for hardwood floors, but hardwood in full bathrooms is not a practical choice compared to conventional bath flooring options like ceramic tile, vinyl or stone.

The excessive moisture and high humidity levels that are present in full baths can make wood buckle and swell. Water infiltration and high moisture levels can also lead to mold and mildew forming underneath the flooring.

Hardwood in bathrooms is not a new trend in flooring. Many homes have bathrooms with wood floors. Installing hardwood in half bathrooms is an excellent choice that will create a warm and inviting feature, and perform just as well as in other rooms throughout the home.

The Right Wood for Your Bath Floor

Hardwood In BathroomIf you simply must have a wood floor in your full bath, the installation and finishing require careful forethought. The installer must take a few extra measures to ensure adequate moisture protection for the floor. Solid wood floors are much more susceptible to warping from moisture changes and are highly recommended against in full bath installations.

Engineered wood floors are put together in layers or plies. An example of this would be plywood, with the top layer being the pretty, finished material you desire. This causes them to be much more dimensionally stable so they can tolerate more moisture variation such as what is present in full baths. Engineered floors are most commonly sold pre-finished from the factory. However, we can install them unfinished and sand them just like regular, solid wood flooring. The amount of times these floors can be sanded will vary and depend on their thickness.

Just like solid wood floors, engineered wood flooring is available in most all:

  •  Species
  •  Sizes
  •  Colors

Seldom can any one person distinguish between an engineered and solid wood floor. They are an excellent choice for bathrooms.

Hire a professional wood floor installer

Consider hiring the job out to a professional wood floor installer to enhance your chances of having a trouble-free installation. This person can minimize/eliminate gaps between boards and ensure unfinished hardwood is properly finished and sealed.

Finally, install a high-efficiency vent/fan to extract moisture and keep humidity levels to a minimum.

Just Around the Corner has been offering flooring services to residential and commercial clients in the St. Louis area for over 24 years. If you have any questions about hardwood in your bathroom or need a free estimate, please contact us.

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