How to Make Hardwood Floors Stop Squeaking

Make Hardwood Floors Stop Squeaking

Make Hardwood Floors Stop Squeaking

Restore peace to your home.

Unless your hardwood floor is brand new, there is probably, at least, a spot or two somewhere that squeaks when you step on it. And as minor as this problem may be, it can become surprisingly annoying over time, especially if it’s in a sport where you walk a lot like your front hallway or in front of the kitchen sink. The good news is that there are ways to make hardwood floors stop squeaking for good. You have a couple of options:

Stop Squeaking From Below

Make Hardwood Floors Stop SqueakingIf the location of the squeak is above your basement or a crawl space, you can make the repairs from below. Head downstairs and have someone walk across the squeak so you can pinpoint the exact location. Once you’ve found it, take a thin wood shim and coat it with carpenter’s glue. Then tap it into the space between the joist and subfloor where the squeak is located. Be gentle, though. You don’t want to create a bulge in the floor.

Stop Squeaking From Above

If you can’t get to the floor from below, locate the squeak and then drive a 3/32-inch diameter pilot hole into the floor. Then get one of the many stop squeak kits on the market that have screws whose head snaps off. Drive the screw in, snap the head off, and then fill in the hole with wood putty. Once it’s dried, sand the area smooth and enjoy your squeak-free floor.

Stop Squeaking On the Stairs

This is another common location of squeaks and one you probably step on a dozen times a day. There are a couple of ways to fix them. If you can get to the staircase from below, use the same technique we talked about earlier. If you can’t, look for any places where gaps have formed in the stair flooring, wither in the center or on the sides. Then take a very thin shim and tap it lightly into the space. Snap off the excess shim and sand the area smooth. If this doesn’t work, you can also consider installing quarter-round molding around each step.

Just Around the Corner is Here to Help with Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is outstanding for lots of reason, but sometimes it requires a little bit of maintenance. If you every have questions about repairing or maintaining your hardwood floor, you can ask the experts at Just Around the Corner. And if you’re considering replacing and upgrading your existing flooring, hardwood or not, consider making the switch to allergy-friendly flooring.

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