How to Fix a Squeaky Floor

Fix a Squeaky Floorboard Yourself

Easy ways to eliminate a household annoyance

A squeak may be a tiny sound, but it can create a huge headache. If you have a squeaky floorboard on your stairs or some other high-traffic part of your home, the sound can drive you crazy in a short amount of time. Luckily, there are easy ways to fix the problem, and you don’t need to hire a contractor or be a home improvement expert yourself. Learn how to fix a squeaky floorboard and restore some peace to your home.

Fix the Problem from Underneath

If the spot on your floor that squeaks is above a basement, you can make the repair relatively easily from below. As you stand in the basement, have someone stand on the squeaky spot and jump up and down lightly. Once you have pinpointed the location, coat a shim with carpenter’s glue and tap it into the space between the joist and the subfloor. Make sure you don’t tap it in too far, though. It’s possible to create a noticeable bulge if your shim is too far in.

Fix the Problem from Above

It may not be possible to reach the squeak from below. When that is the case, go to the squeaky spot and drive in a 3/32-inch diameter pilot hole. There are a number of squeak stop kits on the market that allow you to secure the floorboard without creating a noticeable blemish. Buy one that has a screw whose head snaps off and drive the screw into the hole you’ve created. Snap off the excess and then fill the area with wood putty. Once the putty has dried, sand the area smooth. No one will notice the fix and your squeak will be quickly forgotten.

Fix the Squeak on Your Stairs

Stair squeaks are some of the most common and some of the most maddening. If you can reach the stairs from below, use the same technique that we talked about earlier. If that won’t work, examine the area around the squeak for any noticeable gaps that have formed. Then take a tin shim and drive it carefully into the gap. Snap off whatever is left and sand the area smooth. If none of these techniques works, consider installing quarter round molding along the edge of the staircase.

Just Around the Corner Make Good Floors Better

It really is that easy to restore tranquility to your home. If, however, none of these methods works for you, work with the expert flooring contractors at Just Around the Corner.

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