How to Deep Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Preserving your hardwood is like safeguarding a reasonably-sized investment. After all, as you know, the floor that you walk on day to day is hardly your least expensive asset. Not only is it a costly part of your home, but it contributes to both the elegance and ambience of your overall decor.

Before you consider a hardwood deep clean, you must first understand the basics of maintaining your floor. Hardwood can last for decades, often lasting across multiple generations. But its abiding nature is only possible if the wood is maintained properly.

Daily Hardwood Maintenance

Keep in mind; you should never leave dirt on hardwood because foot traffic can drive grit and grime into the surface and crevices — ultimately causing damage to the floor.

For your daily maintenance, start with the following:

  • Broom
  • Vacuum
  • Dust Mop

One key note is not to use too much water when cleaning the hardwood because excessive moisture will lead to severe warping of the wood. Instead, use damp microfiber mops, which keep moisture to a minimum while absorbing minor contaminants.

If you do happen to spill liquid on your hardwood, wipe it up quickly to avoid any damage.

Deep Clean and Dustless Re-Coating

Maybe your hardwood has moved beyond the day-to-day maintenance threshold, and needs a thorough cleaning. If this is the case, easy maintenance might not be enough; your floor may require a deep cleaning and re-coat.

Deep Cleaning and Dustless Re-Coating

With Just Around the Corner’s Dirt Dragon floor cleaning system, we can eliminate most surface material and buildup from you hardwood without harming any of the wood or original finish. Key features of the Dirt Dragon deep cleaning and re-coating system are:

  • Adjustable solution controls for all types of hardwood
  • Versatile head pressures to accommodate any floor type
  • Superbly accurate dilution of cleaning products
  • Exclusive vacuum system to leave floors completely dry

After a thorough cleanse, we’ll then recoat your hardwood with a high-quality polyurethane finish, which will either reclaim your floor’s authentic luster or alter the sheen altogether – depending on your preference.

Talk to a seasoned flooring specialist to learn more about our Dirt Dragon floor cleaning system and other flooring services.

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