How to Care for Hardwood Floors: A Quick Guide

how to care for hardwood floors

Learn How to Care for Hardwood Floors the Easy Way

Keep your floors looking great with minimal effort. It’s a common misconception that hardwood floors are hard to maintain and easy to damage. The reality is that with only a minimal amount of time and attention you can keep your floors looking like new for year after year. And if you are diligent, your floors may not require repair or refinishing for decades. This quick guide shows you how to care for hardwood floors in any part of your home.

Provide the Essential Care

Everyone is a little different about their floors. Some homeowners are fine with them taking on a weathered look, while others want to keep them pristine. No matter which camp you fall into, all floors will need some essential care. Vacuum or sweep the floor consistently with a broom or soft-bristled attachment to prevent grit from building up. Put a UV protectant on your windows to block out damaging rays, and occasionally rearrange the placement of furniture or floor coverings to promote even aging.

Clean Correctly

When you need to pick up more than just dust, it’s important to use the right product on your hardwood floors. Be sure to check if the particular flooring product you use has any specific cleaning instructions. In most cases it’s fine to use a dedicated wood-cleaning solution diluted to the manufacturer’s instructions. When mopping, do not let large amounts of water pool or stand on the surface of the floors.

Take Preventative Measures

Avoiding damage is a lot easier than trying to repair it. Keep your pet’s claws clipped to eliminate scratches when they run around the house. Use a humidifier during the warmer seasons to keep your home humidity between 35% and 55% and reduce shrinkage in the floor. Wipe up spills immediately, and if something sticky gets on the floor, use a piece of ice to harden it before scraping it off gently with something plastic.

Go the Extra Mile

For peak protection, put rubber floor mats under your furniture so that scratches don’t appear when furniture gets bumped or moved. Mats just inside the entrances to your house also make it easy get dirt, mud, and debris off of shoes before it touches the floor. A mat in front of the sink or next to a bathtub can also keep water off of the floor.

Know What Not to Do

Avoiding common sense kinds of abuse does a lot to preserve your floors. Don’t walk on the floors with shoes that have spikes or damaged heels. Limit the amount you mop the floors with liquids. When you do, don’t ever use household cleaning products that contain lemon, citrus, tung oil, or silicon as they can easily damage the finish. Also, avoid products that contain acrylics or urethane polish to try and restore the gloss.

Care for Your Floors with the Help of Experts

If you have additional questions about how to care for hardwood floors, consult the team at Just Around the Corner. We can answer all your questions about cleaning, selecting, and installing a hardwood floor. Our team has extensive experience and true expertise when it comes to flooring. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact us.

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