The Hottest Flooring Trends for 2015 and Beyond – St. Louis

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Making Your Home Cozy But Also Trendy

In the flooring world, hardwood is getting more roughed-up, carpeting is getting softer, and vinyl is getting more luxurious. Colors are coming more into play across all flooring, and these trends won’t be slowing down any time soon.


Preferences in hardwoods are leaning toward wood floors that have been hand-scraped, making the hardwood appear old.

Along an environmentally friendly vein, a growing segment of the market is interested in reclaimed woods, which have been salvaged from older residential flooring or even from old barns.

Also, darker stains are becoming more popular. Black stands as one of the hottest wood flooring trends for 2015. Grown-up and bold, black stained hardwood or black engineered wood floors instantly add elegance to a room.

Hardwood flooring trends are also leaning toward larger planks, and using multiple sized planks. People are also moving toward more exotic species like hickory, cherry, and walnut.

  • Hand-scraped
  • Reclaimed Woods
  • Darker stains
  • Larger Planks and Multiple sized planks
  • Exotic species


Hardwood Flooring GuideCarpeting manufacturers are creating fiber combinations that take softness to a whole new level. Products like the Shaw Caress line (nylon, with a new way of processing the fiber) and Mohawk Flooring’s SmartStrand Silk line (a nylon product that the company says uses three times the number of fibers of other carpet).

In terms of carpet styles, the current favorite that will most likely continue through 2015 and beyond is a broad genre called cut-and-loop, in which the pile is partly cut and partly looped to create a sculpted look or pattern.

The trend is more toward the patterned carpet with a cleaner finish, and some personality to it.

Luxury Vinyl

Advanced Technology is giving vinyl an upscale look, and people love it! At its most basic, the process of producing it amounts to taking a photo of wood, concrete, marble, or fabric, and printing it onto less expensive vinyl flooring, usually in the form of squares or planks. Anything you can take a picture of, you can make it into vinyl tile. We will be seeing much more of this in 2015 and beyond.
Color Trends

Grey is being dubbed as the new neutral, and provides a fresh and edgy sense to any room. This color allows bright colors and textures to stand out beautifully. Designers rave about how this light, yet strong tone highlights the natural grain of any wood species, providing visual interest and character. Gray hardwood is especially popular in dining rooms and entrance-ways.

If you want a flooring color that allows your personal design style to take center stage, White stands out as an excellent choice. A glossy white finish enhances the natural light in a room, while whitewashed wood flooring captures that shabby chic look that remains on trend for 2015 and beyond.

Another popular option is Copper colored flooring. Copper provides an upscale appearance that works especially well with parquet patterns; most popular in entryways and dining rooms.

Color Trends for 2015 and beyond

  • Gray for Strong Grains
  • White for Optimum Display
  • Copper for Eye-Catching Appeal

Everyone wants their home to feel warm and welcoming while at the same time reflecting their sense of style and personality. Looking at current and future flooring trends is a great way to incorporate your sense of style and personality throughout your home while at the same time keeping it looking fresh and up-to-date. A few take-aways are summarized below:

  • Wood is getting more roughed-up
  • Carpeting is getting softer
  • Vinyl is getting more luxurious
  • CeramicTile Size is getting bigger
  • Colors are coming more into play across all flooring

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