Hardwood vs. Laminate Flooring: The Pros and Cons

There are a number of pros and cons for hardwood vs. laminate flooring. Both types of flooring are desirable in their own ways, and the “right” choice is often simply a matter of preference. Price, style, environment: All of these variables will factor into which type of flooring fits your lifestyle and budget.

Both flooring categories offer similar benefits, one of the primary perks being their classy, upscale appearance and design. In fact, a new hardwood or laminate floor can greatly boost the value of your home.

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Hardwood Repairs, You’re Going to Need Them!

Flooring is one asset to your home that at some point will need to be repaired or replaced. Accidents, wear-and-tear, and other potentially damaging events will eventually require some form of rehabilitation to your floor.

  • Laminate flooring cannot be easily repaired. Even if you purchase a snap-together floor, replacement can be challenging as new pieces may not match properly due to age and sunlight.
  • One benefit of hardwood is that it can be repaired by sanding and refinishing any imperfections, allowing it to last for decades on end.

Real wood flooring is especially recommended for homeowners with pets, due to its versatility in repairing damaged boards.

The Cost of Hardwood vs. Laminate

All things considered, hardwood is going to cost a little more money, as it is a natural product that is manufactured from harvested trees. Some species of trees, particularly the exotic species, can cost considerably more than its synthetic wood counterpart.

Laminate wood flooring is conceived from composite wood molded together at high temperatures. Following this process, a print film or decorative layer is adhered onto the board to give the floor its wood appearance.

The lower cost of production, combined with cheaper labor costs, makes laminate a more cost-effective flooring solution.

Which Looks Better?

As a non-synthetic flooring product, real hardwood will provide natural beauty to your floor. Moreover, unlike laminate, it will have no symmetrical design since wood is not symmetrical when it is found in nature.

Laminate often has a distinct pattern to it, whereas hardwood has tremendous texture variation of the wood grain. In other words, no two planks of hardwood, whether it’s solid or engineered, are going to appear the same.

Due to its pre-designed patterns, which only imitate the look of real wood texture, laminate will have identical patterns on average every five boards. While some of the more high-quality laminate brands may look similar to real wood, these patterns are inevitable.

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