Top 5 Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2014

There’s nothing like kicking off the New Year with a list of some of the top hardwood flooring trends. Homeowners often choose hardwood for its rich, natural and timeless look. And authenticity is now a clear motivator that people are looking for in their new floor.

An appealing look or style is not always enough. And while consumers are certainly concerned about the value and durability of a floor, substance is a variable that really does matter. In other words, they are looking for a flooring option that is – yes, that’s right, authentic.

So let’s get started with the top 5 hardwood flooring trends for 2014.

1. Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

Throughout the 1800s, finish surfaces for hardwood were often administered by hand with simple flat blades used to scrape thin layers of wood off the lumber. While this method slowly smoothed the surface of the wood, scraping marks and other minor defects were inevitably left behind.

These “beauty” marks have crafted the modern-day hand scraped hardwood – except, of course, the modern hand scraped floor was designed this way intentionally. A slight variation on the floor’s surface gives consumers a genuine feel of the past. Hand scraped is surely one of the top hardwood flooring trends for 2014.

2. Wide Plank Hardwood

Similar to hand scraped flooring, wide plank hardwood is a blast from the past, a trend also inspired from the 1800s. Over a century ago, 5 to 8 inch width boards were commonplace (largely depending on the species).

While strip boards still capture the hardwood market, wider 4- to 5-inch planks are becoming more and more popular, as they offer more authentic beauty than thinner-width products.

3. Distressed Wood Flooring

Distressed hardwood, in a way, is in its second-living stage. This flooring trend of the 1970s has made a return, with some of its early roots gaining traction in the 1990s.

Distressed wood flooring generally comes from structures built in the 1800s and early 1900s. These boards tell a story, as they are scarred by years of wear and tear. Gouges, stains, slices, nail holes – these aren’t marks of damaged goods. When it comes to distressed hardwood, they are scars of authenticity.

4. Exotic Hardwood Floors

Exotic wood flooring provides a different feel of authenticity, in that it centers on the art of nature. There is a wide variety of types and sources of exotic hardwoods, as species originate from all over the world, with some of the most popular wood species coming from Peru, Brazil, and Africa.

Everything from the distinctively striped Tigerwood species to the warm and elegant Brazilian Teak, exotic hardwood flooring is a trend that will not be dying anytime soon.

5. Cork and Bamboo Flooring

Cork and bamboo have become popular flooring trends largely because of their sustainability. This perception stems from the fact that bamboo is a grass that regrows after being cut and the cork is generated from tree bark, which regenerates.

But it’s not just the “sustainability” factor that makes cork and bamboo such popular flooring trends. They also have a look and feel of their own. For example, cork floors are quieter, warmer, and easier on your knees and leg muscles.

If you are looking for an authentic new floor for 2014, we hope these tips gave you insight on the latest flooring trends. If you have further questions, or simply need help making a flooring decision, contact Just Around the Corner in St. Louis to speak with a flooring expert.

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