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Switching to hardwood flooring is both a major home upgrade and a major home improvement project. For that reason, you’ll want to do a brand comparison and make sure you’re working with the best hardwood flooring brands. After all, why would you want to use substandard products on something as important to your home as the flooring? To help you find the right choice, we’ve put together a simple brand comparison for you.


Armstrong distinguishes itself by offering a huge range or products. Designers can choose between tons of different colors and styles; price points to fit any budget, and technical specs to accommodate any home design. Armstrong is one of the best hardwood flooring brands because the company offers consumers levels of choice that give them extra control over the home improvement process.


Bruce has become one of the leading manufacturers by producing only high-quality products from environmentally responsible sources and giving consumers lots of options. Homeowners regularly choose Bruce hardwood flooring because they make it easy to commit confidently to a brand and spend more time thinking about design and installation options.

ManningtonBrand Comparison

Mannington sells only engineered hardwood floors, which have some unique advantages over solid hardwood floors. First, these floors can be installed over any surface and are appropriate in every room of the home, making them refreshingly versatile. They can also be walked on immediately after installation, and have an extra-hard finish for better protection. Engineered hardwood is an exciting option, and Mannington is almost certainly one of the best options in this brand comparison.


Appalachian hardwood is sourced exclusively from the Appalachian region of the US.

Wood taken from Appalachian bountiful forests is legendary for its strength and durability. Tweet This

It also has a reputation for its clarity and the consistency of its grain patterns. That makes this brand a popular choice for consumers that want to invest in a lasting flooring upgrade and want to enhance the look of their entire home with their new floors.


Mohawk is the world’s largest flooring manufacturer, and for that fact alone they deserve a sport in this brand comparison. Since they have so many resources at their disposal, they are able to produce hardwood flooring options that appeal to anyone and everyone. Expect to find a variety of exclusive designs, quality ranging from high to premium, and hardwood flooring options that work in every space in the home.

Just Around the Corner Makes a Brand Comparison Easy

Still trying to make up your mind? It’s understandable. Now is a great time to upgrade to hardwood simply because you have so many appealing options to choose from. Make your decision easier by visiting Just Around the Corner to inspect the best hardwood flooring brands up close and get help from our expert staff. Or contact us online or over the phone if we can answer any of your questions.

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