The Hottest Hardwood Color Trends for 2015 – St. Louis

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Wondering About the Latest Color Trends?

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest hardwood color trends for 2015. Keep in mind that darker wood color will feel a bit more formal, and lighter, natural colors will feel more casual.

Classic Brown

Brown is among the most popular hardwood floor colors and lends itself to just about any look. It is the classic choice, and will continue to be well into 2015. Medium browns go well with creams and golds while darker browns are perfect for olives, greens, and taupes.

Brown hardwood is also universally well-liked flooring – great for resale if you decide to sell your home.


Naturally light or beige hardwood floor coloring goes with just about any look, especially the Scandinavian modern look of minimalism and simplicity.

Warm Honey/Butterscotch/Caramel

These colors add a cozy and comfy feeling to any room. They have always been among the most popular hardwood colors, and will continue to be well into 2015.

Hardwood Flooring GuideWhite

White is a beautiful look, especially with the new “shabby chic” look so popular today. Light bounces off white wood and walls so that the focus will be on your beautiful furnishings and artwork.

You can also choose a distressed or whitewashed white hardwood for that beachy, coastal feel.


Gray is hot and is getting hotter! It brings out the grain of the floor, so the floor becomes more active within the décor of any room. Pairing your gray hardwood floor with bold and warm furnishings will create a warm and beautiful atmosphere.


Really? Yes! Red/Orange toned hardwood is stunning with both contemporary and traditional décor. These tones/colors are vibrant and will dominate the room so they are not for the faint of heart.

Pair these floors with cool whites or pale blues and greens to create a beautiful classic ambiance.

If you want to achieve a edgy look, the ultimate design statement would be a high gloss red hardwood floor; pair it with modern white and gray furniture for an absolutely stunning look.


To make the ultimate bold statement, super dark brown or stained black hardwood floors are dramatic, elegant, and stylish. Art Deco furnishings come to mind, as well as soft furnishings.

Make sure the room has a lot of light and height for a magnificent look.

For your convenience, here are the hardwood floor color trends listed above:

  • Classic Brown
  • Natural/Beige
  • Warm Honey/Butterscotch/Caramel
  • White
  • Gray
  • Red/Orange
  • Black

These flooring trends were hot this year and will continue to be well into 2015. You can’t go wrong with hardwood floors, in just about any color. The flooring professionals at Just Around The Corner in St. Louis, MO will be happy to answer your questions, and even give you samples to take home.

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