Recycled Leather Floors

Recycled leather floors are one of the more recent flooring options to hit the market, but they have quickly become popular with all sorts of home and business owners. They offer a true one-of-a-kind look and feel while being one of the most sustainable flooring options available. Recycled leather floors are also easy to install and appropriate for almost any room in the home. If you want to set your space apart, this option absolutely deserves your consideration.

What Are Recycled Leather Floors?

As the name would imply, recycled leather floors are made from previously processed leather that has been reclaimed from shoes or clothing, as well as unused hides from the meat production industry. The leather is then fashioned into tiles or planks in standardized sizes. The finished product has the unique look and feel of leather but is suitable for being walked on.

Recycled Leather Floors

What Are the Benefits?

Before you make a flooring decision for your home, you should consider these 4 benefits of leather flooring:

  1. Appearance. The feature that attracts most homeowners to this flooring option is the look. Leather is so popular in clothing because it comes in rich, natural colors that can be treated to achieve a number of different textures and styles. There is simply nothing else that looks like it, which is true of recycled leather floors as well. The floor becomes an immediate conversation piece and an integral element of the home’s design.
  2. Feel. Leather is also legendary for its supple feel. Imagine if every step you took was on a well-worn leather jacket. You would never wear shoes inside again. This material is not just soft, it is also immune to swings in temperature, making it comfortable to walk on even when it’s extremely cold or hot outside. Insulation is another major benefit. Leather soaks up sounds, especially footfalls, to add peace to your home.
  3. Durability. Some homeowners worry about the durability of this product, and while it doesn’t have the longevity of some alternatives, it stands up well even in high-traffic areas. As long as it is cleaned regularly, you can expect your recycled leather floors to retain their like-new appearance years after installation.
  4. Materials. Finally, and perhaps most significantly, recycled leather is a truly green product. All the materials used in the production would otherwise be headed for a landfill. Turning them into flooring gives them new life and extract all the possible value out of a product that initially takes a lot of resources to produce.

Where Can I Use Recycled Leather Flooring?

As long as it has been properly treated, recycled leather flooring is water resistant. That means you can install it in a kitchen, or even a half bath and not worry about damage. However, thanks to its look and natural softness, most people elect to use this type of flooring in living spaces and bedrooms where it has the most to offer.

Find Recycled Leather Floors at Just Around the Corner

Before deciding on recycled leather floors, you will probably want to speak to an expert. Work with the team at Just Around the Corner to determine if this is the right option for you home design, flooring needs, and project budget. If the answer is an enthusiastic yes, we can also offer complete installation expertise. Partner with us to get more from your new floor.

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