Dark vs. Light Hardwood In St. Charles, MO

dark vs. light hardwood

Hardwood Dark vs. Light Can Really Make A Difference

Each has unique features you will want to be aware of

Hardwood flooring is available in a huge range of styles and colors, making it a versatile design element in any home or business. However, it falls into one of two categories – dark vs. light hardwood.

Dark Hardwood


Style: Dark hardwood is undeniably stylish, and this is one of the most popular looks in hardwood right now. Darker tones also enhance the wood’s natural grain, revealing details that would be hidden on a light hardwood floor.

Longevity: Dark hardwood is able to absorb light without having its color fade. That means it will continue to serve as a bold aesthetic element even years after its first installed.


Maintenance: Dark hardwood highlights the appearance of scratches and scrapes which can cause the floors to look beat up over time. Certain types of dark hardwood also amplify the look of dust and pet hair.

Coordination: Dark hardwood often needs to be paired with lighter-colored rugs, furniture, and wall colors or else rooms can feel especially dim.

Light Hardwood


Openness: Light hardwood has the effect of opening up a room and making it feel larger than it actually is. Going with dark hardwood in a small room can make a tight space feel even more cramped.

Brightness: Light hardwood is the ideal choice in rooms that do not get a lot of natural light. The reflective quality of these floors can take what light there is, multiply it, and diffuse it throughout the room.

Consdark vs. light

Longevity: Light hardwood will begin to show signs of wear and tear, especially if it is placed in high traffic areas like your front hallway or around the kitchen. Beech and white ash especially are known for their relatively short lifespan.

Style: Light hardwood is considered bland looking by some people, and lighter tones do not do a great job of showing off the wood grain.

Just Around the Corner is the Source for Hardwood In St. Charles, MO

As you are debating dark vs. light hardwood for your St. Charles home or business, it really is important to consider the room as a whole. What kind of furnishings will you put on top of the floor? What color are the walls, and how is the lighting?

What will you be doing in the room? Hardwood floors are just one of may elements that contribute to the ambiance of a space. Get a close up look at all your options by visiting Just Around the Corner and browsing our extensive inventory.
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