We’re Celebrating 30 Years in Business And Offering 50% Off Luxury Vinyl Products

30 year anniversary

We’re commemorating 30 years of serving St. Louis families and business owners by offering 50% OFF our top-of-the-line Luxury Vinyl Flooring! Luxury Vinyl is gaining popularity due to its incredible durability, waterproof core, and a wide variety of styles to choose from. If you’re thinking about flooring, we’d like to offer some compelling reasons to act now. 

While you might not think twice about that second shot of espresso on a Monday morning, you would likely agree that larger investments require more research and forethought. These purchase decisions are usually influenced by cost, benefit, and perhaps most importantly, what others have to say. Choosing to replace or add new floors to your home or business usually falls into the second category. When you choose Just Around the Corner for your flooring needs, you can feel good about your decision. We focus on customer satisfaction, quality craftsmanship, and providing ample choices to fit your needs. 


How It All Began

Thirty years ago Rich Olson decided he’d had enough empty promises. So he made up his mind to do something about it, starting a flooring company on the premise of three foundational values. Today Rich and his team continue to grow like the mighty oak: deeply rooted, flourishing and resilient.

“My first experience in this industry was terrible,” stated Olson. “People never did what they said they’d do. I decided to go off on my own and set a standard for integrity, honesty and service.” Sticking to his core values, he began his business by rolling up his sleeves and doing honest work. Rich began Just Around the Corner as the chief craftsman, installing and refinishing floors. It was his commitment to service that gained him referral after referral. 

Rich now entrusts installations and refinishing work to his talented craftsmen. He still remains passionate about the quality of service every customer receives, a desire instilled into each member of the JATC team.  


Company Values Remain Strong

By doing what they say they’re going to do when they’re going to do it, Just Around the Corner Family Flooring continues to exceed their customers’ expectations. Olson’s pride in his staff is apparent: “They’re not employees; they’re craftsmen. Their canvas is your floor, and the product is functional art.”

This culture of service is a character quality Rich intentionally seeks out when adding to the JATC team. The employees are valued for their hard work, and they in-turn give their best. While customers are always exceedingly pleased with their new floors, they’re pleasantly surprised by the level of compassionate care they receive throughout the entire process. 

“All the workers we’ve dealt with have been professional, friendly and capable at their tasks. The work was done on a timely schedule, exactly as we had been told in advance. We would happily recommend JATC to anyone,” remarked Deanne Kelley. 


Why Now Is The Time to Choose New Floors

In celebration of thirty years, we’re offering 50% off our top-of-the-line luxury vinyl plank. This flooring is unparalleled in beauty and durability. Our current stock came from Great Britain, and is ready to be installed in your home. You’ll love the plank size. Measuring 9” wide by 60” long, these floors look beautiful in a lot of applications. 

Luxury Vinyl is perfect for your high traffic areas like living rooms, halls or entryways. It’s unbeatable for moisture-prone rooms like your bathrooms or kitchen. It’s the best choice for rooms that need durable flooring like dens, basements, man caves or the whole house, depending on your family! 



Many business owners have found Luxury Vinyl to be a great flooring choice as well. These products work well in doctor’s offices, libraries, health & fitness clubs, and even restaurants! The durability of Luxury Vinyl Planks or Tiles make them an obvious choice in medium-to-high traffic areas. Cleaning is easy, thanks to the waterproof core. Furthermore, replacing a damaged area is less labor-intensive than many other flooring options.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of Luxury Vinyl Products, we encourage you to check out this post. Of course the best way to know if this is the right flooring for your needs is to give us a call, or visit our stunning showroom. We’re always happy to meet with you, in your home, to give you a free estimate!