Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Shaw Floors began as a small business over 70 years ago but has grown into one of the biggest and best flooring companies in the world. They are currently the world’s largest manufacturer of carpeting, but the company’s flooring expertise extends to hardwood flooring as well. If you want to fill your home with hardwood that looks great, functions great, and ages great, Shaw Hardwood Flooring is one of the first brands to consider.

Shaw Floors is a leader in the industry, and we are proud to carry a wide range of its hardwood flooring products at Just Around the Corner. Our flooring experts can help you explore your options in depth and find the perfect style to upgrade the look and feel of your home. The best brands only get better when you have a seasoned professional to work with one on one. Your professional is waiting to help at Just Around the Corner.

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Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Benefits of Shaw Hardwood Flooring

A company as big and prestigious as Shaw Floors has a lot to offer homeowners like you:

  • Browse options based on shade, species, looks, construction, or lifestyle
  • Work with designs ranging from the classic to the contemporary
  • Find models/styles engineered to withstand years of wear and tear
  • Support a company that works with sustainable harvested and processed hardwoods
  • Access the resources and support of one of the world’s largest flooring companies

Is Shaw Hardwood Right for You?

Considering how extensive the Shaw product lines are, the answer is probably yes. If you love the natural look and warm feel of hardwood, there are lots of options to choose from. If you want a floor that can withstand pets, kids, and spills, these floors are built to last. And if you want your home to reflect the latest design trends while maintaining a timeless appeal, Shaw Hardwood is a clear choice.

Considering how competitive the flooring industry is, you don’t rise to the top without doing something right. Shaw Floors routinely set the standard for quality, variety, and value – the three things you’re really looking for in a hardwood option. Don’t settle on a style until you consider all that Shaw Hardwood has to offer.

Why Consider Hardwood Flooring?

Picking a flooring option is a big decision, and many homeowners will only consider hardwood. That’s because hardwood comes in a wide range of sizes and styles, sells at lots of different price points, stands up to common kinds of abuse, and gives the home an unmistakable ambiance. You may elect to put carpet in your bedrooms and tile in your bathrooms, but in the rest of your home hardwood is an option you can’t ignore. Don’t replace your floors without first learning more about hardwood.

Shaw Hardwood is at Just Around the Corner

When you shop at Just Around the Corner, it’s easy to find the ideal hardwood flooring option for your home. Compare options side by side, and rely on our staff for expertise and practical advice; you’ll find not only Shaw Hardwood Flooring but a number of quality brands to choose from.. Then let our installation team ensure that your new floor is installed perfectly. Just Around the Corner helps you make a bigger home improvement for less.

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