Oshkosh Designs

Oshkosh Designs is like no other company in the flooring industry. Thanks to its innovative designs and unique interpretation of styles, Oshkosh offers products that look different from everyone else. If you love the look and feel of hardwood but feel limited by your options, don’t settle for the ordinary. Let Oshkosh Designs help you turn your home into a space that is truly your own. Find bold looking parquet flooring, striking floor medallions, luxurious floor inlays, and a lot more in the company’s signature product lines.

At Just Around the Corner, we work hard to make sure that anyone and everyone is able to construct the floor of their dreams. That’s why we are so excited to be able to offer products from Oshkosh Designs. For homeowners with a passion for design and a total commitment to quality, these hardwood options take replacement flooring to a new level. Let our flooring experts help you achieve a look that is truly stunning.

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Oshkosh Designs

Benefits of Oshkosh Designs

  • All flooring made in the USA
  • Lots of freedom to customize flooring options
  • Hardwood harvested from sustainable sources and processed using environmentally-friendly methods
  • Unique combinations of hardwood, stone, leather, metal and more
  • Accents that can be used to complement and upgrade flooring from other suppliers
  • Products created and crafted by true flooring artisans
  • Original, distinctive designs featuring bold visual elements

Are Oshkosh Designs Right for You?

The answer depends on the kind of floor you want. If you’re simply looking for something that is practical, functional, and affordable, you are probably better off considering a different brand. But if you want to elevate your floor from the ordinary to the extraordinary, there is no better brand on the market.

Oshkosh Designs give floors a bold and dynamic look that hardwood often lacks otherwise. Rather than being something you simply walk on, these floors become an integral part of your interior decoration and something you’re eager to highlight. Plus, they allow you to achieve a look that is completely original and bound only by your imagination. For a certain kind of homeowner, that’s an exciting prospect.

Why Consider Hardwood Flooring?

Oshkosh Designs is a great example of why. With carpet, you have a limited number of design choices. And creating custom floors out of tile or stone can be expensive and labor intensive. Hardwood is available in a huge range of colors, sizes, designs, and finishes. And since it can be accented and customized so easily and affordably, it becomes the centerpiece of your decor. It doesn’t matter if your tastes are simple or spectacular, hardwood flooring accommodates.

Oshkosh Designs are at Just Around the Corner

Since Oshkosh is so unique from both a design and installation standpoint, you will want to work closely with a flooring expert when exploring your options. Find that expertise at Just Around the Corner, and rely on our team to help you select and install the perfect options for you home. Partner with a company that can help you do more with your floor. And don’t forget to bring in your $1000 instant savings coupon!

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