LW Mountain

LW Mountain is a premier producer and supplier of hardwood, bamboo, and vinyl plank flooring. Through more than 15 years of operation, the company has been creating innovative designs, setting a higher standard for quality, and leading trends in flooring. LW Mountain does not specialize in any single area but instead chooses to offer a broad range of flooring products organized by species, structure, width, color, and installation type. That arrangement makes it especially easy to find ideal options for your home and your budget.

Just Around the Comer makes it simple to explore, inspect, and access a wide range of LW Mountain flooring products. The size of our available inventory is matched only by the expertise of our on-site flooring experts. Find an option that truly upgrades the look and feel of your home, then rely on our professional installers to handle every aspect of the flooring replacement project from beginning to end.LW Mountain


LW Mountain is a brand that offers you more:

  • Prices to accommodate any budget
  • Multiple types of flooring
  • Options appropriate for any room
  • Designs ranging from classic to contemporary
  • Finishes that accentuate natural features
  • Warranties backing up products

Is LW Mountain Flooring Right for You?

Anyone eager to enhance the décor of their home, improve its functionality, and raise the overall value of their property should consider LW Mountain flooring. Since the company offers multiple types of flooring – hardwood, bamboo, and vinyl plank – it’s especially easy to find a great option or to mix and match flooring types. For instance, you could go with lush hardwood or affordable bamboo in your living spaces, and choose water-resistant vinyl plank for your bathrooms and basement.

LW Mountain also accommodates a number of design preferences. Count on finding a flooring option that complements the design currently in your home, or try something completely different, and lay the foundation for a bold new decorating scheme. The LW Mountain product line is expansive enough to give you lots of options.

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring is the flooring of choice for many of today’s homeowners. And when you see a home with a beautiful hardwood floor, it’s easy to see why. Hardwood brings the natural beauty or the outdoors into the home. And since the organic features of hardwood are so unpredictable, no two floors are exactly alike. Plus, hardwood can accentuate any home regardless of its age, style, or decorating scheme.

Aesthetics aren’t the only thing to be excited about. Hardwood is easy to clean, durable and stain resistant, and relatively easy and affordable to refinish. Once the floor is in place, it can serve its purpose for decades to come without looking worn or weathered. That ensures any upgrade is a lasting upgrade.

Explore LW Mountain Flooring at Just Around the Corner

In order to love your new floor, you need to pick the right product, pick the right supplier, and pick the right installer. Find everything you’re looking for along with a lot more than you expect by making Just Around the Corner the first place you look.

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