Ark Floors

Ark Floors is one of the top suppliers of designer-quality hardwood flooring products. Their hardwood offerings have been used in prestigious homes and offices throughout the country and given every space an instant enhancement. Ark Floors has a network of global hardwood suppliers which they have drawn on to provide customers with high-quality products from exotic origins. They also rely on these resources to control costs and make premium hardwood accessible for less.

Just Around the Corner is an enthusiastic supplier of Ark Floors because we have seen the kind of effect they have on a space. Our flooring installation experts have installed Ark Floors throughout the region, and the results are consistently stunning. Rely on our team to help you find the ideal product for your home and to facilitate every step of your flooring upgrade.

BenefitsArk Floors

Ark Floors have a positive reputation with both homeowners and top interior decorators thanks to benefits like these:

  • Multiple styles, colors, sizes, and finishes available
  • Looks ranging from classic to modern, including exotic woods
  • All products are sourced and processed sustainably
  • All products are backed by a 25-year warranty
  • Prices to stretch your home improvement budget

Are Ark Floors Right for You?

Considering the wide range of options available from Ark Floors, the answer is probably yes. The company produces over a half dozen distinct product lines, each with hardwood products ranging from light to dark, subtle to bold, simple to complex. That makes it especially easy to match your new hardwood floor to your existing home design, or to lay the foundation for a bold new design. There are also a variety of clean, contemporary styles that will look great in any home.

By choosing Ark Floors, you also know you’re working with a sustainable supplier. Since its founding, Ark Floors has been committed to sustainable practices and has won a number of industry awards. They also back their products up with an extended warranty. For a home feature as significant and lasting as your flooring, it’s always best to choose a product you feel confident about.

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

A quick survey of products from Ark Floors answers that question. There is simply nothing else that looks like hardwood. The natural swirls, color contrasts, and grain patterns in hardwood mean that no two floors are exactly alike. And since wood is available in many varieties and can be finished in so many ways, the design potential of hardwood is limitless. There is literally no home and practically no room where it’s not an option.

Hardwood offers just as many functional benefits. It is durable, built to last for decades, and can be refinished rather than replaced. It also resists stains and water damage better than carpet, offers better insulation than tile, and accommodates just about any living situation.

Find Your New Ark Floors at Just Around the Corner

Take the time to identify the right product, the right supplier, and the right installer before you move forward with your flooring replacement project. With the right team helping you through the process, you will save time, money, and hassle while loving your new floors that much more. Make Just Around the Corner the first team you contact.

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