Avoid Mold: Dry Wet Carpet

dry wet carpet

Carpet Wet? Dry it to Avoid Mold You have a wet carpet, for whatever reason. First, you need to determine if the carpet and pad are both salvageable. If you pull back the carpet (tip: start at the corner of room), and the pad is soaked, you will need to pull up the carpet and […]

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Reclaimed Hardwood: It’s Durable and Eco-Friendly – St. Louis

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Why You Should Consider Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring Looking for a gorgeous hardwood floor that can withstand lots of foot traffic, children and pets, and also fits with your eco-friendly lifestyle? Reclaimed hardwood provides the durable and eco-friendly flooring option you are looking for. It is Durable Reclaimed hardwood is often from very old structures and vessels which […]

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