What Are the Benefits of Wide Plank Flooring?

benefits of wide plank flooring

Is Wide Plank Flooring the Right Choice for Your Home?

Get the most from your next big home improvement project. One of the most exciting things about hardwood flooring is just how diverse and varied it is. There are options to suit any homeowner no matter how you want the floor to look and perform or how much you have to spend. That means you should carefully consider all of the options available to you before committing to one. Today, find out about the unique benefits of wide plank flooring.

Benefit #1: Variety

Wide plank flooring is simply any type of hardwood floor board that is wider than about 3 inches. Since the definition is so broad, almost every type of hardwood floor board is available in a wide plank variety. Your project is not limited by the type of wood, color, finish, or composition you want to use.

Benefit #2: Cost

No matter what your home improvement budget is there is an affordable wide plank flooring option for you. The planks are available as both low-cost engineered wood, and premium hardwood. You can elect to save money and tackle a bigger project, or throw cost to the wind and give your home a true luxury feel.

Benefit #3: Utility

As we mentioned above, wide plank flooring is available in engineered wood varieties. These look just like natural hardwood but offer a number of performance benefits. Most notably, they are essentially waterproof and won’t warp or weather after regular or prolonged exposure to water. That means you can safely put wide plank flooring in a bathroom or kitchen and not worry about damage.

Benefit #4: Installation

Want your flooring project to be finished fast? Since each wide plank takes up more space than a narrower alternative, it’s a lot faster and easier to install. You spend less time with your home in a torn up state and get to enjoy the look and feel of the new floor sooner.

Benefit #5: Feel

Hardwood flooring has a subtle but significant impact on the whole feel of a room. In most cases, the fewer cracks and creases there are in the floor the larger the whole room will feel. If your home is cramped for space, consider wide plank hardwood to instantly open up any room and create a welcoming feeling over any other flooring alternative.

Benefit #6: Beauty

The dynamic, unpredictable, wildly natural look of wood is what gives it its enduring appeal. Wide plank hardwood uses a larger section of the wood, meaning that you see more of the knots, grains, swirls, and color variants than you would with narrower boards. If you love the one-of-a-kind character of wood, this is the best way to highlight it.

Reap the Benefits at Just Around the Corner

We could write more about the benefits of wide plank flooring, but we could write very little about the disadvantages. That’s because there really are none, and wide plank flooring is an option in any space on any budget. You can find tons of sizes and styles at Just Around the Corner, along with the expert assistance you need to make the best choice. If your floors are on your mind, take advantage of special discounts available for a limited time only.

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