The Most Popular Wide Plank Flooring Trends for 2016

wide plank flooring trends

Wide Plank Flooring Trends of the Moment

Decorate your home for both the present and the future. When you walk into a home, it’s fairly easy to tell when it was last updated and redecorated. That’s because design trends fall in and out of fashion, making homes a reflection of their times. If you’re considering an upgrade to wide plank flooring and want a contemporary look and feel, find out what wide plank flooring trends are hot for 2016:

Wider and Longer Boards

Wide planks have traditionally measured between 2-1/4” and 3-1/2/” wide. But you can now find options that are 5”,6”, or even as much as 7” wide. Wider lengths, such as these, create a feeling of a more open space, and a popular trend for living rooms and bedrooms. Boards are also getting longer, with some as long as 6′. That eliminates, even more, seams in the floor, opening up the space further.

Diagonal Installation

Hardwood flooring of all types, wide planks included, has traditionally been installed either vertically or horizontally. It has quickly become popular to buck tradition and install the boards diagonally across a room instead. This gives any room a subtle but dynamic design feature that complements everything from the furniture to the wall decorations.

Grey Color Options

Grey has always been popular as the color that complements everything and overshadows nothing. If you love the look and feel of wide plank hardwood flooring but don’t want it to become the focal point of the space, new grey color options could be your best choice. This type of flooring is sleek and contemporary yet blends seamlessly with any furnishings.

Low Gloss Levels

For many years, the trend in hardwood flooring was designed with a high-gloss finish. And while this remains popular and can be striking in certain spaces, a demand for lower gloss options has emerged. These floors may initially look less lustrous, but they hide dirt and scratches better and highlight more of the natural details of the wood.

Wire-Brushed Woods

The outer layer of wood is the softest and most vulnerable. Wire-brushed woods use a tool to remove this top layer and expose the much harder material underneath. As a result, these type of floors are great at standing up to abuse. They also show off the grain and texture of the wood in stark detail.


Making use of reclaimed or recycled woods is not a new trend in 2016, but it is more popular than ever. Not all wide plank hardwood flooring is sourced sustainably, which is a concern for environmentally-conscious homeowners. Utilizing already processed wood is both a green alternative and a great way to find beautiful boards at unbelievable prices.

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